Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 7 of Thankfulness


Today I am thankful for days off.  Today is NJEA Teacher's convention so I don't have to work and my class tonight was cancelled so for the first day in a long time I'm off on a weekday!  I'm thankful for days off.  For resting.  For doing nothing.  For starting a new favorite obsession called Eric & Jessie:  Game On.  Have you ever seen it?  It's so funny!  I love Sydney.  I don't know if I'd say she's my spirit animal yet, but I like her juxtaposition to Jessie.  I digress.  So today's agenda:

1) Blood Work Fail (I had the wrong scrip...womp womp womp)
2) Panera Breakfast Date with Mamma
3) Get New Blood Work Scrip (scurrred)
4) Watch Eric & Jessie (6 episodes)
5) Watch Bethenny
6) Study For The Comps (buzzkill)
7) Lunchy Lunch
8) Zumba/Pilates/Zumba
9) Big Bang Theory Fam Date
10) Dinner
11) Sleep

I have nothing else to say because it's a sweats and no make up and pony tale kinda loungey day <3  Oh, I'm also thankful for Pink Sweat Pants.  They feel like chocolate tastes.  They make me so smiley and happy.



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