Sunday, November 24, 2013

What the COMPS really feels like

Ok, yesterday was the Comps and they were not that bad!  I think the hardest part is writing 15 pages in 4 hours.  Not for those weak of heart.

When I first got there (at 7:55 time was 8:30...but we're SPEDs aka super Type A) I had to park in the visitor lot and therefore the most direct pathway was blocked with bushes.  Well, I was mad because I had to be up early (gross) and it was cold (double gross) so I sang "I came in like a wrecking ball" and walked through the Great Wall of Bushes.

I met my other Type A friend (ok, we're all Type A-ers) at the door and then a bunch of our other friends came.  The only problem?  The doors to the testing center were locked and our IDs didn't work.  FAIL WHALE.  So we finally ended up convincing some Christmas Angels (identities will remain a secret to protect the innocent) and getting into the school.  We then all sat together and studied and studied and studied and freaked out and the studied some more.

At 9 the testing festivities began and I contemplated running from the building multiple times.  I persevered though.  The sound of 40 Type A girls typing at full tilt frenzy was deafening and annoyed me multiple times. I think it should also be noted that I wore my The Best Is Yet To Come tee yesterday.   (I also completed the Spandex Week tradition with yoga pants and a pair of Ugg slippers that I got in 2006)  For all of you non-SPEDs Spandex Week is a week in which all SPEDs refuse to wear pants with zippers as a formal (or informal) protest of the Comps.  I wore a combo of leggins and yoga pants. I only wore zipper pants once because I had to go to work.  Returning to zipper pants was hard today.

After the test it was like a huge breath of fresh air.  No more stress, just relaxing holiday time!

*My hand did resemble Chandler's after he played PacMan for hours*  

This is how we felt after the Comps!  

Photo Source: (Chandler) (Anchorman)

So happy Sunday!!


This is the first Sunday in a month where I didn't do any school work!

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