Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 9 of Thanks


Today I am thankful to live so close to the best city in the world:  Philadelphia!  I love Philly so much!  Have you ever heard people say that they don't think they could live too far away from the beach?  The mall (this girl)?  Wegman's?  Well I can't live too far away from a city Philadelphia.  I just love Philly!  Philly has everything you could ever want and need in life.  I try to get to the city at least 3 times a month.  I live about 20 minutes away from the city and it's perfect.  I can take the train in, drive in, or if the parentals are feeling extra sweet that day they have been known to drive me in.  I just love the city.  I like the city for many reasons.

1.) Historical Reasons--Philly was the birth place of America!  Many famous historical faces are from Philly and I love walking around Old City and stating with certainty that "Ben Franklin walked here!" or "I'm fairly certain that this Starbucks was Betsy Ross' fav!"  Philly is a history dorks dream!  I've been on every tour, seen all the sights, and still can't get enough!

2.) Walkability--I love exercising and Philly is a great place to walk around to get some cardio while catching up with friends and wandering into one of the many incredible shops.  I like to just wander the city with my friends and just see where we end up.

3.) Sports!!  This could easily be my number one reason to love Philly but I reserved it for number 3.  The energy surrounding Philly sports is INSANE!  Literally the craziest thing you will ever be a part of in your life.  Some people say that we're rude (true...we boo the other team when they are announced), insane (see line above), and too devoted (not a bad thing).  Philly to me is home of the greatest phans in the world!  My favorite of all the Philly sports are the Phillies!  I'm a baseball girl.  I'm completely at home just eating my Chickie's and Pete's crab fries and then devouring (I've actually walked around the entire stadium to find one) a funnel cake.  (Pitcher's report on Valentine's Day just so you know :))  Our lives revolve around sports and we wouldn't have it any other way.

4.) The shopping--Ok, I could write an entire blog about Philly shopping but I won't...not today anyway.  So I'm just going to list my favorite places:

Tiffany's-American Classic
Zara-Kate Middleton wears this...nuff said.
Walnut Street shops-All of these places are fantastic!

5.) Nightlife-I am not the biggest fan of clubbing and drinking but I love hanging with my girls and from time to time we've been known to party it up.  Last night we went to Cuba Libre in Old City.  Mucho Fun!  The drinks were dalish---I'd recommend Red Sangria!  Salsa dancers came out to perform for the crowd and you could watch them from the upstairs balcony (what we did).  The decor is also fantastic!  It made me feel like I was in Havana in 1959.  Beautiful!  Some of my other favs:

  • G Lounge-Swanky Club, expensive, but you most likely will see an athlete or someone famous who is shooting in the city here.
  • Tavern 222-the best shots in the city.
  • El Vez-Best Mexican food in the city.
6.) Culture-So many great museums to see!  Parks to visit.  Ballet's to watch.  Shows to take in.  My favorites:
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • The Constitution Center
  • The Kimmel Center
  • Academy of Music
  • Wachovia Center (for the popular concerts)
  • The Barnes Foundation
  • Washington Square
  • Rittenhouse Square 
  • Love Park
7.) Food-Where do I even begin.  Okay, this isn't going to be all the best places because I can't spend forever on this one post.
  • El Vez
  • Geno's (cheesesteaks <3)
  • HipCityVeg-Vegan
  • La Fuente-pizza heaven
  • Serafina-pizza heaven if you wanna spend a little more money
  • Victor's Cafe-singing opera waiters, caviar...fancy shmancy
  • The Melting Pot
  • Reading Terminal Market
So to sum up, I love living near this city because it is the coolest place in the world!  You just never know what you're going to see/do/meet.  Just totally awesome!  I also love how the Philly culture influences our part of NJ.  I just think that you have a better handle on the real world the closer you are to a city.  



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