Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fifth Day of Thankfulness

Happy Tuesday!

Is anyone else super thrilled that today is over?  I am!  I really have the craziest Tuesdays.  I have 2 classes, practicum, and today I had two meetings (one at Panera so that one was delightful!) a comp prep course (blah) a hygiene test (I'm not a Smelly Nelly we all have to take it as a requisite for graduation) and a mega printing sesh of all the things I had to read for the week.  I also had to vote, get gas, and get more things for practicum.  I'm super tired now but I think since it is Election Day I have to write how thankful I am that I get to vote!

I am thankful for voting and the ability to vote!  Voting is our American right and therefore our responsibility.  I am so proud that I live in a country where I as a woman am allowed to vote.  I vote for everything and anything I can.  I think this is a blessing and therefore I should take advantage of it and exercise this right.  Voting is something that a lot of people in America take for granted.  We have to remember that we are among a small percentage of countries where we have a say in our government and we need to show our appreciation of that right by continuing to vote.

Also, on a side note, I'm completely enthralled with the sweet little old ladies who run the voting polls.  They are just the picture of precious.  They are fabulous and I have been obsessed with them forever.  They always have Dunkin Donuts...how do they do that?  Magic that's how!  They are always up on the latest political topics and spunky.  It is hard to be perky and presh from 5:30 am to 8 pm.  I think I have it in my retired cheerleading captain self to maintain my perkiness for that long!

Happy Election Day!  I hope everyone voted!


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