Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Then & Now

Happy November 1!!

So yesterday was Halloween...blah.  I've never been a big Halloween girl, I like to think of it as one day closer to Christmas!  Well this Halloween wasn't any different.  My Elle Woods costume fell through (I realized no one would get it) and it's a good thing because no one really dressed up at school.  So I wore some sweats and a Phils zip up and had a baseball hat...I was a ball girl.  Original, I know.  Halloween is hard to get into unless you're a little kid.  This got me thinking of all the ways Halloween is different now that I'm a grown up.  Here is a list of things that are different, in terms of Halloween, now that I'm a grown up.

1) Costumes-as a child I would stress so much about which princess to be.  Was I gonna be a pink princess?  Or was I going to be cinderella.  Or a ballerina princess (rocked that 4 years in a row thankyaverymuch) or maybe just a ballerina.  If I was going with ballerina would I be able to wear my ballet shoes?  If I was forced (every.year.) to wear sneakers would that ruin the authenticity of my costume?  (Yes at 4 I was that anal and concerned)  I mean if you can't wear ballet shoes with your tutu, sequined leotard, tights, and bun...will the people even know who you are?  Go home now!  Collect no candy, don't pass go.

Costume Now:  still wearing my sweats.  Hair is in a pony.  No costume whatsoever.  I'm so much happier in this costume--I think I'll title it Grad Student

2) Candy.  In my childhood I would scour the neighborhood for Regular Sized Hershey bars, or even convince my mom to drive me to the neighboring (richer) town to snatch some sweets!  I would come home with pounds and pounds and pillow cases full of treats.

Candy Now:  I'm happy eating the leftovers from our own lack of trick-or-treaters.  We have maybe 25 and I'm totally okay with this.

3) Dinner Then: total. waste. of. my. time.  Why eat food when I knew dinner was really candy?

Dinner Now:  Give me the food!  Why would anyone skip dinner?!

4) Counting My Candy Then:  Ahhh, a simpler time.  A time before calories made your jeans tight.  A time before when you took pride in eating 24 Twix minis...a time before you realized that 24 Twix minis meant 1,200 calories.  A time when I wanted to know how much candy I could shove in my face in one night.

Counting My Candy Now:  I don't wanna know.  I don't wanna know that I need to run 20 miles to cancel out all of the junk food I just ate.  No thanks.  I'd prefer not to know how much candy I ate, thank you.

5) Halloween Party at School Then:  Best.Day.EVER!!
Halloween Party at School Now:  Worst.Day.EVER!!

6) Halloween Night Festivities Then:  Trick-or-treating with my neighborhood buddies.  Running across yards in hopes of beating those slow pokes to the good candy!  Freezing my booty off because I refused to wear a coat and compromise the integrity of my costume.  Warming up in the kitchen with hot cocoa after hours of trick-or-treating.

Halloween Night Festivities Now:  School.  Wearing sweats.  Sitting on the couch catching up on missed tv shows.  Drinking wine.  Staying warm.  Eating candy....watching ELF!!  Elf was on today and that means Christmas is coming soon!!

In reality, I don't miss Halloween.  I think Halloween is only fun if you are a little kid or a party girl.  If you are neither of these things then Halloween is usually not your fav holiday.  Well people on 55 days til Christmas!!



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