Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What I Think About During Zumba

So Monday night I had a super fun experience, I went to Zumba for the first time!  One of my oldest friends had gone before and asked if I wanted to accompany her.  I immediately agreed (because I love trying new exercises and workout/fitness options) and then because I'm a GINORMOUS dork I read up on Zumba.  One of the bloggers I follow every day is The Fitnessista.  She's a fitness instructor and all around fun blogger to follow.  Anyway, she teaches Zumba and has really cool Focus On series in which she talks about the pro's/con's, what to wear, what to expect yada yada.  She wrote one on Zumba, so I read it, then I did the ultimate dork move and watched one of her Zumba videos on youtube.  I thought, okay, this is something I can probably do!  It's just like dance right?  WRAAAOONNGGG!  I definitley think that having a dance background helped me not look like a complete fool, but I still looked very awkward!  Here's a list of the thinks I was thinking (Dr. Seuss quote thankyaverymuch) while Zumbaing.

-You're gonna be good at this.  You've danced since you were 2.5!!  You've got this!
-No! NO! NO!  You don't got this!  You have none of this!  AHHHHHH!
-I really like the Zumba teacher's Zumba shirt.
-Maybe I should buy some Zumba clothes?
-Maybe I should see if I like this Zumba thang before I start investing in wardrobe pieces.
-Zumba is a fun word!
-Ok, you look stupid.  Yup this is the dumbest you have ever looked...EVER!
-Oh, ok you got this move.  It's a box step.  Oh crap she added arms!
-I'm not Latin enough for this.
-I wish I would look semi normal doing this.
-Ok, the lower half of me looks like I know what I'm doing, but the upper half of me looks....not stellar.
-You look like a noodle.
-You look stiff.
-Erin, there's a thing called rhythm...get some.
-Oh, okay, you got this...now you have it...in 8 seconds you probably won't.
-Zumba doesn't function on an 8 count
-I like these Colombian (said in Sofia Vergara's accent) songs.
-How come she looks hot doing Zumba and I look redonkulous?
-Ok, now you are flapping your arms.  They look like chicken wings.
-I could really go for some chicken wings.
-I think I deserve them after this.
-I wonder how long I'd have to Zumba to work off chicken wings.
-I'm not having chicken wings tonight.  I'm having salad.
-I have school tomorrow.
-My first day of 18th grade!
-My outfit is super cute for 18th grade!
-Ok, this is scuff ball change, salsa, turn, ball change.
-Oooooooh I lerve this song!
-I wonder what the lyrics mean.  I bet they're Spanish for "You look ridiculous!"
-Zumba is fun!
-You look like that awkward uncle at a wedding.  The one that can't dance but is trying really hard.
-At least everyone can see the effort he is putting in.
-I'm so schweaty!  Ewww, this is gross.
-I NEED Agua!
-Oh ok good, agua break.
-Oh, agua break is over?
-Ok, this is just shakin' my bootaay!  I got this!
-What?  It's over?  No!?  Why?  I liked Zumba!!
-I wanna go back!
-That's it, I'm quitting my gym and coming here because my gym doesn't have ZUMBA!

Yes I amor Zumba!  I want to go back ASAP!  I am going to quit my gym and start at this gym because I want/need/crave more Zumba!


Erinita (I think I needed to spice up my name to go along with Zumba)

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