Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back To Reality

I don't know about you but when I go on vacation I go hard.  I sleep less than 6 hours a night (Bedtime?  What's that noise?)  Healthy, organic, natural food??!! PUUHLEEEASE bring on the cheesedrenched, wing sauce covered, sugary soda, sugar and chocolate filled decadence at every meal! Working out?!  Um, come again?  Well, thankfully Tennessee has tons of hills so maybe I walked off a leeeetle bit of what I ate?  Maybe, possibly, please?!  Haha probably not though.

So last night, er this morning, we arrived in NJ at 4 am.  I will take full responsibility that I was egging on the drivers (Dylan, Daddy, Deb) to keep driving through the night so we could have our own beds and not have to be in another hotel one more night but this folks is a BAD IDEA!  Being in a car for 16 hours is not something this girl likes.  I felt like I was being forced to be in Cirque du Soleil!  No Bueno!  I don't do cramped car rides, I don't do road trips.  Call me a princess, a prissy girl, that's fine!  I'll own it!  I like comfort.  I like planes.  I like leg room!  For the record, in car yoga will get you yelled at.  Just a little heads up, you're welcome!

After waking up at, oh you know, the crack of dawn, I decided I really couldn't eat anymore sugar, fatty, junk.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I literally am repulsed by junk food (yes even my beloved chocolate and burritos and soda) and I crave salads.  So I got a salad and drank 3 bottles of water in just as many hours.  Then, I Instagrammed my food pic (dorky I know but I really do like to see what other people eat) and my friend texted me that she was doing the same after her vacay.  Good to know I'm in good company!

Next, my body craved physical activity so I did an hour of pilates, (do you guys know about Pop Pilates and Blogilates?  Cassey Ho does amazing youtube videos with HAAAARD workouts that make you sweat your little booties off) followed by an hour of catching up with Real Housewives of Orange County while lifting and doing a leg pyramid.  Now I need a run!  (Who would have ever thought I would be dying for a 5 mile run?  Not this girl!)  After this is abs!

P.S. we're having pizza for dinner.  I don't even want a soda to go with it.  I also only plan on eating a very small piece because I just can't eat anymore junk.

I've planned very healthy meals for the rest of my weekend as well. Salad tomorrow for lunch (my new obsession is the Panera Chicken Cobb salad sans bacon and eggs, but yes to avocado) and an apple.  Tomorrow night will be sushi!

Tomorrow I'll be running, doing my new favorite leg workout Tabata (!!) and some pilates and abs.

As much as I loved being on vacay for the past 2 weeks (ahhh bliss) I'm happy to be home in NJ!  Happy to be eating normally!  And happy to be working out again!



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