Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Boys Dance At Country Concerts

Today was a fabulous day!!  I got my back to school haircut (I'm blonder now! YAY)  Is it bad that I still get a back to school hair cut?  Maybe, probably, yes?  But I am starting 18th grade on Tuesday so I guess it still counts right?

And on Saturdays we wear blue!

Blue and White was apparently the theme for the concert
After that one of my besties Kate joined me for the continuation of our summer tradition of country concerts!  Tonight was Jason Aldean, Jake Owen, and Thomas Rhett.

Here's my breakdown of the concert:

Thomas Rhett- country newcomer but I really like three of his songs:  Beer With Jesus, It Goes Like This, and Something To Do With My Hands.  Being the first opener is hard, sometimes they are awkward, dance funny, and are uncomfortable.  Thomas Rhett was none of those things.  He did a really really good job!

Thomas Rhett
Jake Owen-Very Good!  I saw him a few years ago and he has definitely improved.  I also heard/saw the lights from his concert on Monday night in Nashville and he was fantastic tonight, too!  My fav jams of his are:  Barefoot Blue Jean Night (obvi), Anywhere With You, & 8 Second Ride.

Jake Owen whipping his hurrr back and forth
Jason Aldean-Good but not the best I've seen.  I thought Jason Aldean was on the fast track to being the new country super star but I think Luke Bryan eclipsed him and I think the public hasn't forgiven Jason for cheating on his wife.  The thing about country fans?  We don't think you're awesome when you mistreat your wife.  We view that as inappropriate and gross.  Good for her that y'all didn't have a prenup.  Why didn't y'all have a prenup?  Oh that's right, she was married to you BEFORE you were a superstar.  My fav Jason songs are:  Big Green Tractor, Why, Night Train.

Jason Aldean rocking out
Besides listening to fabulous live music, jamming and dancing with my girlfriends, and people watching, I noticed a trend that I've been watching develop for a few years.  The trend is Boys Dancing at Country Concerts.  I get it, dancing is hard for boys to do.  Very few can dance like Usher  NSYNC,  and I'm okay with that.  I think this comes from not holding pop concerts in their bedrooms as children.  Good concert dancing skills come from years of singing into your hairbrush and holding your own Britney Spears-esque concerts in your bedroom.  These are a few of the dance trends I have seen creep up over the past few years:

The Point-This is when boys point at a random spot/person/stage/star and just bop.  What are you pointing at??!!  The point can be reminiscent of the Village People's YMCA dance.  You know when they sing "Young man___________".  That is what The Point looks like to the untrained eye.

The Touchdown-Both hands go up in an ESPN ref like manner.  Think Spirit Fingers without the Spirit.

The Palm Tree-Like the Touchdown but it sways side to side (daintily I might add) like a South Florida palm tree.

The Ross Gellar-This is when boys dance with girls they like but they aren't dating yet.  This happens when they respect the girl they're dancing with but still want to come off as cool and are trying to get her to see them as a boyfriend.  Think the Routine.

The Monkey Grab-This is when guys do not like the girl they just want to dance all up on her like a monkey.  It's not good!  It's gross!  It's crass!  It's déclassé!  It's just...STOP!

CROCS-This isn't a dance move I just saw them at the concert and I want to just state that they should not be.

The Flick of the Wrist-Think how you shoot a basketball.  You shoot it and flick your rest to leave it in a goose neck.  This is not a dance.  I also can't think this is good for your joints.

The Open Palm Pat-I think Kanye West started this trend and I want it to yesterday.  WHAT ARE YOU PATTING?!  They hold their hands up to the sky (open palm facing down) and move the hand about a foot down.  Then they raise it up to it's starting place.  Uhhhhhh, this is not good.

The Weeble-They wobble but they don't fall down.  This move comes courtesy of adult beverages ;)

How should boys dance at these concerts?  I'm glad you asked!  Boys can get away with the easiest of all dance moves.  The hold the drink in the left hand, right hand in the pocket, and bop your head a little bit.  The head bop can turn into The Turtle (a very unfortunate vigorous extension of the head bop) and when you feel the need to Turtle, just take it down a few notches and make sure it's a bop.  This is simple and classic and universally a good look.

I also may or may not have sang Devil Went Down To Georgia perfectly



Love my concert buddy

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