Friday, August 23, 2013

Nashville Bestville


Why I loved Nashville:

1) live music everywhere you look!
2) Honky Tonks with extremely talented singers
3) BBQ food
4) country music baaallarrring everywhere
5) tall country boys (ladies over 5'6" this place is MECCA!  Musicians+over 6'+good clothes=MECCA)
6) Popsicles from Las Paletas (Nutella for moi)
7) 21st street shops!

Erin's Picks

1) Blue Bird Cafe

The food was ehh but the music was fantastic!  We heard 5 musicians play songs from various genres (comedy, pop, country).  They sat in a circle with their own mikes and sang one song each and took turns.  They sang 4-5 songs each.  AND (90's girl freak out) Leigh Nash the lead singer from Sixpence None the Richer was there!  She sang her own stuff, a George Jones cover of Always Get Lucky With You and...wait for it...KISS ME!  My fav song from 2nd grade when I did a ballet dance to that song!  It was the coolest thing ever!  As a creative girl (dancer for life) I appreciate watching artists create.  It was tres fab!

2) Las Patelas

A popsicle place!  I loved my Nutella popsicle!  There were two different categories of popsicles:  fruity & creamy.  Everyone loved their popsicle.  This was down by Vanderbilt & Belmont.  I actually physically miss the popsicle.  (And my crepe from Nawlins but that's a different story)

3) Union Station Hotel

Totally glam hotel!  We usually stay in the cheapest hotel possible (not my choice) but this time we got to stay in a classy establishment complete with robes (!!) and C.O. Bigelow body products!  (We totally Ross Gellared the place).  This place looked like a Gatsby hotel!  It was totally done in the original Art Deco style that I love!  The hotel was originally a train station and a major train port during WWII.  The hotel is actually haunted and the hotel won't rent out room 711.  Room 711 is next to the gym...needless to say Dylan didn't visit the gym during the night time hours.  This hotel was the love child of Jay Gatsby's house and the Tower of Terror.

Inside our Hotel!  Gorg!

4) Broadway

Walking down this street is the visualization of Jason Aldean's Crazy Town!  Just wow!  I love live music and this is the place to go!

Broadway at Nite
5) Country Music Hall of Fame

I was actually surprised that there weren't more exhibits and artifacts.  There was a fantastic Reba display, a beautiful Carrie Underwood Blown Away Display (all her costumes and pictures from the tour.  I went to a concert on the tour and lerved it!  Carrie is worth every dime to see her)  Then, we got to see Kellie Pickler's DWTS Mirrorball Trophy!  My dad loves this show and was pumped to see it!

6) Ryman Auditorium

Very cool!  All old-school country music history!  Of course there were Dolly things here and I was stoked!

7) Grand Ole Opry

Fabulous!  Dylan (not a huge museum guy) even loved this place!  We got to stand on the same circle where all the singers stand!  It was the coolest thing ever!!  I was like EEEK Carrie Underwood stood here!  Dolly Parton stood here!  Keith Urban stood here!  Terri Clark stood here!  Darius Rucker stood here!  Jason Aldean stood here!  Josh Turner stood here!  Everyone stood here!

Of course since we're NJians we found an outlet mall and did some damage!  You can take us out of NJ but you can't take NJ out of us!

Nashville was amazing!  I totally want to go back.  Piece of advice though, if you have someone in your party that is under 21 you can't go ANYWHERE after 8 pm.



Dylan and me before dinner

Preppy before dinner

Dinner at Prime 108 in our hotel

Family pic by the Nashville Symphony House

Fron of our hotel

I smell a gold record!

I chose to sing

Minnie Pearl & Roy Acuff at the Ryman

Dolly's dress!

More Dolly!

Standing on Dolly's star!

Dolly's star on the Country Music Walk of Fame

Dad and Charlie Daniels' Star

Dylan & Rascal Flatts!

Reba's Fancy dresses!

More Reba fashions


Taylor display at CMHoF

Carrie Underwood Display

Kellie's Mirror Ball Trophy

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