Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How Good Girls Housesit

This weekend I was housesitting because my parents were returning Dylan to JMU for his sophomore year.  He's old.  I'm old.  I think I need to start using a night cream and get Botox for my forehead.

Anyway, I was asked to stay home and watch Cody and the house because the weekend coincided with the Jason Aldean concert.  Most people would be like PAAARRRTTTYYYY!  Not me!  I think that when I was going through the personality product line as a baby I was distracted by something pink and sparkly and went over there instead of picking up any bad girl traits.  After spending 100,000 years in a car with my family (that I love but after 16 hours in a car you just...) I was pumped to be alone!  Here's what I did:

-Jammed out like Tom Cruise in Risky Business!  Complete with air guitar :)
-Watched John Hughes' movies on "The Big TV" in my jammies and glasses
-Ate popcorn, chocolate chips, and cinnamon (I highly recommend) while watching John Hughes' movies
-Sang at the top of my lungs (sorry neighbors)
-Danced to my music at deafening volumes
-Danced like Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels...awkward and fabulous!
-Drank vanilla almond milk like it was my job
-Used "Funny Walk" as my main way to cruise around my house
-Watched Haunted History (in the daytime because I'm not stupid)
-Went to Jason Aldean and rocked it!
-Made oatmeal without anyone telling me I was using too much honey (is there even such a thing?)
-Got my first day of 18th grade outfit ready
-Shopped for a headband
-Left the light on in the family room (a major no-no in my house)
-Jumped on my bed
-Had uninterrupted Tabata time
-No one interrupted my lifting time

Crazy stuff folks, crazy indeed!


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