Thursday, September 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

How is everyone?!  Is it just me or has this week been the Mondayest week of all time?  I think it's a combination of the super hot weather and the awful rain/wind/floods.  Gross.  Gross.  Gross.

In traditional Friday Fashion, I'm going to list off my new faves!

1.)  Notorious  O.M.G.  If you were a fan of Covert Affairs you will LOVE this!  I love Piper Perabo and I think she's brilliant!  The show is part television producer ruling the world/legal drama.  All parts perfect!  Thursdays at 9, y'all!

2.) Erin Oprea's book The 4 X 4 Diet 
If she trains Carrie Underwood, then she's good enough for me!  The book is a great combo of fitness, lifestyle, and food.  The book reads like a casual conversation with an amazing trainer friend.  The book is chock full of recipes and tabatas for all fitness levels.  Erin then goes into the science behind all of her finds, ideas, and recipes.

3.) Girl on the Train hype!  Is anyone else as excited as me about the release of this movie?!  Currently I'm in a Facebook chat entitled Girl on the Train Groupies!  I loved this book and read it in 2 days.  2.  DAYS!  It usually takes me a while to read a book because I'll get sleepy or caught up in work, but this kept me riveted from start to finish.  I think Emily Blunt will kill it!  Also, Justin Theroux is yummy so I want to see him.

4.) PT is ovahhhh!  I loved PT and I had a great experience at Strive PT in Moorestown.  If anyone needs a PT, get there ASAP!  I worked with Abby and she was amazing.  I cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work.  I think she really took all of my goals and made them come true.  She was fabulous and I cannot say enough good things about my time there, but I'm happy to be back to my usual self.

5.) Return of Running!  I can run again and it feels amazing!  I ran 6 miles on Sunday and 5 miles on Tuesday with little pain!  I had the biggest and goofiest grin on my face the entire time I was running.  I probably looked insane to those spectating my run, but I don't care!  I loved it :)  It feels good to be back.  This past month was hell for me, with not being able to run, and the whole mental game, so this was an amazing experience!

5.) Calia!!  I can't believe that I've gone a year and half without these workout clothes in my life!  In the past week I've ordered 3 pieces.

All can be found here

They're so comfy and perfect for transitioning from summer to fall and from the gym to brunch :)

6.) Brantley Gilbert's new CD is coming soon!  I heard his new song The Weekend and then the DJ said that the CD is coming out in November!  I can't wait!!  He's one of my favorite singers and songwriters.  No one writes a love song quite like him.

7.)  Carrie Underwood's Calia commercial!  So inspirational and it definitely gives me all the feels.  It's the only commercial I watch lol

I'm off to work with a new trainer (He's trying to kill me.  He texted me that.  I. CANT. WAIT.)

After that, (If I'm still walking) I'll be grabbing din din with Kate!  Can't wait to see her after the wedding and her minimoon!  I can't wait to hear all about it :)

Enjoy your weekend!  I have a 5k on Sunday, and dinners with Cait on Sunday and Saturday!  There may or may not be some Melting Pot in my future...


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