Friday, September 23, 2016

Kate & Bill's Rehearsal

Hi All!

Today I'm enjoying a glam day because IT'S KATE AND BILL'S WEDDING DAY!  All of us girls are hanging at the salon getting our hair and makeup done while drinking mimosas!  

But let's backtrack a few days, shall we.

After work on Wednesday I drove up to St. Anthony's Cathedral in Trenton for the rehearsal. Usually it takes me 45 minutes in rush hour traffic to get to that area, but this time? 27 minutes!! Such a record!  That's NEVER happened to me before. I got their at 5...the rehearsal started at 5:30. I even backed into the spot. 

Look. At. That. Park. Job. Baller status! 

Kate and Bill arrived shortly after I did and we all went into the church to hang out before the rest of the party got there. 

The rehearsal went off without a hitch. We practiced walking in and sitting and standing...all the essentials ☺️

It was crazy seeing Kate walk down the aisle with her dad. It's strange that she's getting really not 8th grade married...real married!

After the rehearsal, we went to Gennaro's in Hamilton for dinner. It was amazing!  

No dinner is complete without a snapchat party?!

Posing with Dev, Kate's uncle...and wine. It's a shame they don't make wine bottles that serve more than one person, strange. 

Congrats Bestie! Wishing you and Bill so much love and happiness! 

For dinner we had chicken Marsala, chicken parm, veggies, cheese/meat board, salad, and bread. Daaaalish! 

Then it came time for for the toasts. Kate and Bill made beautiful toasts to everyone and thanked all of us for coming. It's so special to be around so much love and happiness. Bill said it best when he said how cool it will be to look around the church on Friday and see all of your favorite and most loved people all in one place. 

Next came the presents. 

Kate gave us all Vera Bradley bags in our signature color. Guess who got pink?  In our bags we got a bottle of wine, a wine tumbler that is spill proof (genius), and a customized beach towel with our monogram on it!  We also were gifted our earrings to wear with our dresses. 

Dinner concluded with a trip to Halo Pub. 

Chocolate peanut butter paradise. It's name really says it all. 

Halo ice cream tastes like college to me. It's a TCNJ staple. 

I'll be back on Monday to recap the wedding and the other weekend festivities!



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