Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekend Update

...With Amy and Tina!

Jk, but I miss them. 

How was everyone's weekend?  How was back to school?  It's totally the teacher in me, but I love seeing all of the kiddos back to school pictures on social media. 

Mine is here

I can't believe it's year 3 already!  Times a flying when you're having fun!  

And yes I have apples on my mani! 

So kitschy, but I'm obsessed. 

My back to school was pretty good. Just testing the kids before we officially dove in. 

This weekend was chaotic!  Back to the usual fast paced Weekend Warrior lifestyle. I am so spoiled over the summer because I can go run errands anytime I want. Now if I forget something at Target I have to wait until the weekend to fit it into my schedule. 

Friday started with PT. I'll get to that in tomorrow's post. Then I hit up the gym for a weights and cardio workout. After I went to Seasons 52 for the usual salad party, but they left the pumpkin seeds on it and it was just ehhhh. I like pumpkin seeds, just not on my salads. 

I then baked a batch of breakfast cookies with apples instead of chocolate chips. We'll see how the sweet tooth does with that switcharoo. I then baked an organic vanilla "Orange" cake for my friend's brother's concert.  I subbed coconut oil and almond milk for butter and milk respectively. I may or may not have sampled the batter and decided it was delicious. Quality control, you know? 😊

I then watched DCC Making The Team 11 (Go Amy!)!! So so so good. Then I watched the Dateline Special on JonBenet Ramsey. It was really interesting. I have to say I'm hooked on all of these shows. This crime fascinated me as a child because it was the first time I saw evil in real life. I was the same age as her and I remember thinking there are bad people in the world. Not just Disney villains, but real people can be bad. 

Saturday started as it usually does, gym time followed by Sample Saturday. Afterwards, Deb and I went to our cousins' birthday party.  It's always fun to see the whole family and who doesn't love a cupcake?!

Saturday night was a special treat. Cait's little brother has a band and we went to their show. They played a free concert in her backyard. Everyone brought food and drinks and just hung out, danced, and enjoyed the show. His band is named Car In The Wall and they have songs on iTunes!  You should check them out. They're sooooooo good!  

Cait and I enjoying the Orange Cake!

Sunday was spent in DC watching the Phillies take on the Nationals. We said hi to Ben Revere and said Boooooooo to Jayson Werth. 

Heckled by William Taft

He decided to play nice...for now

Christmas at the stadium?  In September ?  I'll take it! 

Cool art on display at the stadium.

The Nationals did a ceremony to honor and remember those lost and those who served in 9/11. They had first responders, service dogs, and the USNA Mids on the field for the ceremony. It was beautiful and so special.

So the Nationals have a Simba Cam!  How cool is that?  The entire stadium breaks into the Simba pose. Parents just lift up their children like Simba while Circle Of Life plays. 

So funny!

I have to give the Nats a huge hand clap for the variety of food and healthy foods they offered at the stadium. They have gluten free options, a whole salad station, and multiple vegetarian and even vegan options. I rolled with the best roasted cauliflower sandwich I ever had. I didn't photograph it because it was messsssssy!  It was a bunch of roasted cauliflower and red onions in a tomato red pepper sauce on a poppy seed bun. Deeeeelish!  Literally finger licking good. 

My dad was excited because they had Shake Shack. Ever since the Mets game, he's become a concert. 

Even though we rally capped, we lost 3-2. Cody Asche was called up from Reading, so that was good. I'm glad he's back.

We didn't get home until around 9 so it was lunch prep and then right to bed. 

What did everyone do this weekend?? 



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