Thursday, September 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's the Freakin' Weekend...I'm about to have me some fun!

Happy FriYAY!   I don't know about you, but I definitely feel like I earned this weekend.  I can't believe that in one week one of my best friends will be getting married!  Grown up married, not like 5th grade married!  Crazy!  So excited for her!  I know this will be an awesome week full of fun and festivities.  

This past week was a struggle.  I have been to PT for a week now and I am feeling a lot better.  I know it's a long road ahead, but slowly and surely I'm getting used to my new normal.  Adapt or die, ammiright?  I've been using kinesiology tape and I'm loving it now.  Maybe it's all mental, but I really think it's helping!  One of my students told me I looked like an Olympian.  Someone clearly wants an A...My PT said I can do light interval running aka 1 min walk/1 min light jog.  Hey, it's a far cry from 1/2 marathons, but I'll take it :)  Sunday morning I'm going to start my day with a little run/jog/walk.  

Does anyone have anything fun going on this weekend?  I'm babysitting tonight and tomorrow I teach my last Total Body Blast class for the year.  This has truly been one of my favorite summers because of this class.  It was kind of a dream I didn't know I had.  I'm definitely getting certified this fall so I can hopefully have my own class soon.  Sunday I *maybe* have a breakfast date with Amanda for acai bowls.  Deb and I then have manis for Kate's wedding.  Then, Cait, her mom, Deb, and I are going to Valenzano Winery for their annual wine fest.  I love this!  I think this is my 6th favorite day.
If you're wondering my favorite days go as follows:

1.) Thanksgiving
2.) Christmas Eve
3.) Souper Bowl Day at school
4.) Cookie Tray Day at school
5.) Cole Swindell Concerts
6.) Valentano Wine Fest
7.) My birthday
8.) Halloween
9.) Fourth of July
10.) Valentine's Day

Speaking of are my favorites from the week!

This hair cut!  I'm obsessed with Carrie Underwood (duh, total girl crush!) After Kate's wedding I'm totally cutting it!

President Barbie!  Every election, Barbie comes out with a President Barbie, but this time she's different!  There are 2 of them!  They are also multicultural.  I was also blown away by Barbie's career diversity.  While I was perusing the aisle at Target, I saw Barbies dressed as pediatricians, vets, scientists, and businesswomen.  Win win win!  

When I was in Target, some how these little babies ended up in my cart.  Weird how that happens, huh?  I wanted to try these puppies out.  Half way through the bag, I can say they are pretty good.  They remind me of the Crispy M&Ms.  They're really sweet, though.  They taste more graham crackery than marshmallowy.


My favorite spin instructor goes down the shore for the summer, so I'm thrilled when she comes back and I can finally take spin again.  Yes, spin is still offered at my gym when she's not here, but I really only like her.  So I take the summer off to focus on running, and then get back in the (spin) saddle come September.

I was supposed to have a half on Sunday, but I obviously have to pull out of it.  I'm really upset about it, but I know that I'll get better and be able to run again soon enough.  To all my friends running on Sunday, best of luck!

What are you loving this week??

Love Love Love,


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