Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppy Easter

Hey All!

I'm currently typing this on an iPad so forgive me. Also know how much I love y'all that I would type on an iPad just to get a post out. It's because I love y'all not because I'm bored out of my mind on a 5 hour car ride home from Harrisonburg Virginia or anything.

This is for one night...I need help...4 bags

Since Dylan has attended JMU we've made the 5 hour trek to visit him for Easter weekend.  Don't get me wrong, I love my brother and I love to travel, but this girl's idea of travel is Southwest Airlines with a bag of mini pretzels. Not a 10 hour road trip in 36 hours. I love Virginia once we're down there, it's the driving part I loathe.

Beautiful Scenery!

Our trip started Saturday at 12.  I had to tutor and the fam had errands to run so we left a little later than desired but it doesn't really matter because we have no plans when we got to Va.  I amused myself with 3 back issues of Glamour (aka how you know I've been a busy bee- I haven't been able to read my fave tome. However, only 2 weeks left until I'm done student teaching and will be able to catch up on all of my reading material. Also I just subscribed to Cosmo, so that will be a great poolside read.) and season 7 of my beloved Friends. Also I talked for most of the trip (Deb and dad you are welcome ;)).

We saw this super cool dog at the gas station in NJ

When we finally arrived, we headed straight to the hotel to change for dinner.  Harrisonburg is not a truly happening place (it's gorgeous but kinda boring...not like Ewing the cultural hubbub of Central Jersey) so there is about 3 Easter appropriate places for dinner.  This year, like last year we are at Union Station (if you haven't noticed, my dad has a train obsession and we tend to stay at and eat at train themed places. I.e our Nashville trip where we stayed at the Union Station Hotel.  I highly recommend it for a Nashville stay). The food is always amazing and the drinks are to die for!  I got a virgin drink because we brought our own wine for a little hotel party. I got a blackberry meringue. Daaalish!  I love when restaurants offer a bunch of mocktails. I also devoured the black bread and my BBQ chicken panini.  After dinner, we went to Kline's ice cream stand. It's the best ice cream, it's all homemade on premises. I ordered a children's sized chocolate peanut butter cup. Freaking fantastic!  I highly recommend that stand.

Forced Pic

Aren't they cute?

Blackberry Meringue.  To.  Die.
Ironically, Kline's is located across from the church we attended last year. I was a 4 hour bilingual vigil.  And not to be outdone, it was also their RCIA programs sacrament ceremony. It was beautiful but after being in a car for 5 hours it was not something we wanted to do.  So this year, we wished those attending the mass good luck from behind our ice cream.

View from Kline's

After dessert, we made our way to Target to outfit Dylan with supplies for his last 3 weeks of school. I can't believe he'll be done his sophomore year of college in 3 weeks!  I'm getting old!  I digress. Targets in the south sell wine!  Wine!  In NJ this is forbidden. They also sell it at gas stations. Caaaraaaayyyzyyyy. At Target we found some things we NEEDED but deb said no even though they were in sale. Not cool.

Don't you think I need this?
Our hotel had a cute little gym so Dylan and I headed down for a sweat sesh. Also, our room was located on the first floor (usually I'd say no way Jose, but I get progressively less prissy after a long car ride. Who knew?) and we had the brilliant idea to jump out and scare people walking by.  This idea was quickly poo pooed though. Oh we'll, there's always next time. After the gym we drank our wine and fell asleep to the sound of Friends playing in the background. Good nights y'all.

We got up super early (8:30...hey it's early if you aren't a morning person) and grabbed breakfast. Welp, usually our hotel has biscuits and turkey sausage (when you go to the south you expect this kind of exotic fare) but today they had cardboard sponge, or what they call French toast sticks. So I had cereal.  The texture reminded me of the time I had to cut apart sponges for a cheerleading car wash because we ran short. Gross!

The Easter Bunny delivered!
Mass was nice!  It always amazes me how different JMU is from TCNJ. JMU held mass in a ballroom, let's just say TCNJ doesn't hold many balls. (Except for the statues of balls we have in our quad.). We had a you know you're from nj moment at mass. Before mass, the priest asked the congregation to stand up and greet the people around you. Well guess which four people didn't stand up?  These people. Nj for the win!  Eventually peer pressure forced us to stand up- however we didn't interact with our neighbors. If you're wondering, this mass was 1.25 hours long. ;)

Next, we went to Dylan's room to pack up some of his things so move out day won't be so bad. He showed us all his crap that he has accrued over the past year, a Breakfast Club poster, a hunting knife?  And then we headed to the arboretum. Dylan's psychology honor society cleans up the arboretum for philanthropy purposes and it was nice to see it.

On the Arboretum Bridge

The boy who cleaned the Arboretum

How cute is this duck!

Where did we have Easter dinner?  A nice classy place?  Yeah no.  My fave restaurant, Texas Roadhouse!  I love this place!  We stuffed our faces and drank margaritas and ate ways too many rolls and peanuts. Can you blame us though, that cinnamon sugar butter is to die for.

Anyway, we're about an hour form nj now and my spring break is officially over. I'm prepping for another interview tomorrow afternoon so wish me luck!  I hope you all had a nice Easter and remember what the day is for. Not just pastel candy and preppy dresses, but for Jesus.

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