Friday, April 18, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday

Happy Good Friday Loves!!

Happy Weekend!  Happy Easter Weekend!  Happy Almost Done Student Teaching and School for my SPED girls!  (We're so close we can feel that tassel hitting us in the face at graduation!  Fingers crossed for The Git's reused speech! WECANONLYHOPE!)

I'm doing a link up today with one of my fave bloggers Amanda about my Friday Faves!  I have a lotta faves!  I'm a fan of stuff and the more stuff I can find to love the happier I am.

1.  Subbing.  I subbed during my student teaching district's spring break and I loved it!  I love subbing more than any other job I ever had (except babysitting...hello free apple juice!) Subbing is great because you are not responsible for grading work, planning the lesson, or really doing anything besides making sure the kiddos are safe.  Seriously, remember when you were a kid and if you didn't do your homework when your teacher was absent you could totally do it that night and be like, "Oh, she didn't collect mine."  Or, "I had a really bad experience before when I handed homework to the sub and she lost it.  I just wanted to hold onto it so I would be sure you would get it."  Also, if you didn't do something you as a class could say, "Oh we didn't get to that yet."  And you're set!  As the sub, no one expects you to actually do anything.  They leave you their plans but the closing line of most sub plans says, "If you don't get to something it's not a big deal."  I'm super anal and crazy Type A so I always follow the plan to a T but some subs don't listen at all.  Crazy!

2. Victoria Secret's PINK Yoga Pants.  Yesterday they were on sale for $30!  Happy Easter Erin!

How cute JERSEY are these?
3. Barefoot Refresh White Wines!  These mean summer in the Kitley household!  Every summer BBQ involves grilled asparagus, garlic parmesan corn, chicken burgers, and these beautiful loves.  They're light, fruity, and...refreshing?!  

My favorite wine!

4. The Mediterranean Cous Cous (They didn't add the second cous til 1979...Sigh, I miss FRIENDS) Shrimp Salad from Panera.  This has been my Fridays in Lent staple!  (P.S. if you want to bring me one, NO OLIVES!)  I loathe boring salads and this is anything but boring!  

Look.  At.  Those.  Shrimp!

5.  PopChips Katy's Kettle Corn-HOLYGUACOMOLE are these fantabulous!  Serindipity brought us together last Monday.  I was in TCNJ's bookstore (or most overpriced place to buy anything) picking up my cap and gown (more on that later) and I realized I was hungry.  I knew I wanted a healthy afternoon pick me up, so I wandered over to the organic/gluten free section (could we BE MORE pretentious?  JK I heart TCNJ.  We're pretentious and we know it/like it) and I found them!  I lerve kettle corn and I decided I wanted something salty/sweet.  These were perfect and mostly healthy (yes the only healthy snack is carrot stix and water pops but you know what?  No one actually craves there's that) and I bought a bag for Easter. Also, the fact that it's popcorn shaped like a chip is a novelty that has not worn thin on me!

Sweet Serindipity!

6.  Freeze Dried Apple Cinnamon Slices-NOTE I have yet to actually try these, but I have eaten and loved the freeze dried mango slices (they have a TON of sugar in them though so be careful).  But anything from Target+organic+fruit+cinnamon=most likely a gem in my book.

They look good right?

7.  L'Oreal Smoothintense frizz serum is a Godsend! In NJ, humidity is our king and we're just his loyal forced subjects.  I, as I'm sure all girls, am constantly searching for products that are going to smooth my frizzball hair.  Without serum, my hair is kinda blah.  It just hangs out.  It's not really frizzy but it's surely not smooth.  I've tried all of the $$$$ brands to no avail, but this gem is $5.99!  It works!


8.  Matt Nathanson's  Kinks Shirt is on the radio!!  I heard it once yesterday and a preview for it again today!  Cara introduced me to the sweet symphonic sound of Matt frosh year and I've been hooked since!  I've seen him 4 times since frosh year and he gets better each time!  He's rarely on the radio though (the radio's loss by the way) so when he is I always text Cara and we celebrate his little victories!  Here is a link to the song.  Go.  Jam.  Be Free.  When we went to his concert last fall, Cara and I were dying when he told us a story about this song.  He said that he and his buddies would go to the diner by the studio for lunch everyday and one of the waitresses wore a Kinks shirt everyday and he said she was super hot, all tatted up, and looked like she could kill you.  (P.S. Matt's hilarious and his concert is part comedy show part concert)  So he wrote a song about her but didn't tell her, nor did he expect she'd every find out.  So one day, he gets a Twitpic from a fan who is posing with this girl!  The fan told the waitress about the song!  Haaaalarious!    Kinks Shirt

9.  The girl's name Tiegan pronounced (TEE-GEN).  When I was subbing, a girl at the school was named Tiegan and I thought it was so cute.  My kids are going to get teased on the playground aren't they?

10.  Craig Campbell's Keep Them Kisses Coming.  I have been jamming nonstop to this song!  Don't we all want this kinda love?  I do!  Everyone wants that we're not doing anything all day but hanging out kinda love.  Here's a link!  Craig Campbell has been around for a long time and I'm glad he's gaining popularity.  Keep Them Kisses Coming

Hoppy Easter Weekend!




  1. thanks for linking up girl! I love pop chips too! Subbing is fun, i really enjoyed my time while I subbed before eI taught full time. I also love the VS yoga pants!

  2. Thanks! I love your blog because I'm about 3 weeks away from graduating and becoming a real life special ed teacher! I also want my PhD in education! I can't wait to hear all of your stories about school!

  3. You got thee apples at Target? Hum...I'm gonna have to try those.

  4. Yes I did! I love the Simply Balanced line

    1. I just opened them and they are fantastic!