Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Happy Hump Day!

Today was bueno, only 2 days left until Spring Break!  Woot woot party in the house party in the house!

Today I'm doing a link up about my confessions.

*Insert Usher jam here*

I'm gonna be un-Erin like and leave out a long irrelevant intro and just dive in.

  • I have to be everywhere 15 minutes early.  I sit in my car for 15 minutes before I'm supposed to be anywhere/everywhere.  I just hate being late.  
  • I have a weird fear about not getting a job and therefore being homeless and living with a dog on the street like Oliver Twist--the Disney version.  I know my parents are not going to kick me out and make me be homeless but I still freak out about it.
  • I can't paint my nails.  0 skill.  Usually I swipe the polish across my nails laterally and then peel it off the rest of my hands after it dries.
  • I 100% believe in ghosts.  I believe that ghosts are always around us.  I like to think that everyone we love never leaves us, they stay around us as angels and help us whenever we need them.  
  • I can't keep my room clean.  I have tried.  My room is a hot mess in a dress.  I try to keep my room clean but it won't stay clean.  Someone should really look into that...One day I'll post a pic so that I can show how nice and clean it is!  That day will also be the day that will be known as the day that pigs fly.
  • I have to do every work out rep in even numbers.  If a trainer stops on an odd number, I have to do one more to make it even.
  • I have to eat mints in pairs.  
  • I have to wake up facing the sun.  I like rising with the sun (well, hours after the sun...I'm not a try-hard)
  • I need to have my nightstand on my left.  I just like it being that way.  Probably because I have to sleep on my left side, facing the door, all curled up...okay maybe my weird sleeping pattern will be its own post.
  • I have a real life addiction to Us Weekly and Glamour.
  • I wear my blue juicy size XL sweat pants and Notre Dame size XL sweatshirt every chance I get.  I love them so much.  They are what smiles, sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns feel like.  
  • When my co-operating teachers leave the room I scrape the rest of the peanut butter I brought for lunch (to eat with my apple) out of the container with my fingers.  
  • I get shkeeved out by man feet.  Men need to keep their talons in shoes/socks AT. ALL. TIMES.  NO FLIP FLOPS FOR YOU, ONE YEAR!  Pedicures don't make you less of a man, just saying!  I have relented on my no man feet at the beach because my friends were right, "Er, what do you want them to wear at the beach?"  Ok, I'd prefer Sperry's but I'll allow you to wear your mandals to the beach if you promise to keep your feet in the sand.  COVERED BY SAND!  Why are man big toes so hairy?  Ick!  Gross.  Blah.
  • I dance in my car, in stores, around my room.   Every time music is on you can bet I'm probably dancing.  My cardance concerts are epic and have inspired many a red light stare-a-thon.  
  • I absolutely, hands down, love riding on airplanes!  It's so much fun!  The little bag of pretzels makes my whole day/week/month/year!   I also find planes to be so romantic!  Who doesn't have an airport fairy tale dream?  I know it's stupid but I just always think there is something sweet about being on a plane with 100+ strangers.  Also, planes=travel and I lerve to travel.
  • When I'm in Boot Camp class I have a running inner (potty mouth) monologue about how much I should have stayed home.
  • If my priest's homily is too long I start day dreaming/planning my wedding and how my church will look
  • I wear my jean jacket too much.  Like three times a week too much.
  • I own all the season's of The Newlyweds and have watched them in the past year.  I'm gonna put this out there--I miss Nick, Jess, & the Simpson clan.

Anyway, these are my confessions!  

Enjoy your night!!!  Pray that the Phils start playing better!



  1. i cannot stand being late or when people are late. yesterday i went to get my daughter's ballet dress fitted and the email said 430-8pm. i was on time and the lady was 15mins late. I WAS SO MAD so i stormed into the office and demanded to know why i was made to wait when the email stated 430-8pm!!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. It's the absolute worst! I hate when other people are late and it makes me late! It's just rude!