Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Want To Live in Crate & Barrel

Happy Hump Day! 

This weekend Jess and I went on a fun grown up shoppingventure.  We went shopping for our friends’ bridal shower!  EEK!  So exciting!  The whole time we were shopping we kept saying, are we old enough for this?  Apparently we are!  Plus, who doesn't love shopping for weddings?  I mean come on!  That's a great time!  (Also, we're from NJ and we don't need an excuse to shop...)  

Shopping for wedding showers/baby showers/random presents is something I love to do more than 80% of the things in the world.  I love buying presents, thinking of a theme, buying the wrapping paper, wrapping them, seeing the look on my friends/family's faces when I give them the perfect gift!  Ahhh, love! 

While we were shopping we both realized that we want to live in Crate and Barrel.  I wanted to run home, pack my jammies, and big sweatshirt and move in!  Here are pictures of us pretending we live in Crate & Barrel…

We're Dorks and We Know It!

Isn't this cute bedding though?  Wouldn't it be fun to live here?

I compiled a list of all the reasons why I want to live in Crate & Barrel! 

-It’s beautiful there.  Everything has colors!  Everything is bright!  Everything is clean with modern edges!

-They have colorful sheets hanging from the ceilings! 

-There’s an abundance of Tupperware...a container for everything!  Did you know there was a difference between a veggie container and a fruit container?  You can get an entire lunch organizer?!  Like an old school elementary school lunch tray with a lid!  

-They have thought of everything.  Literally an answer for everything! They have solved life problems I didn’t know I had!  I’m so greatful for that.

-They encouraged me to get my EdD.  How?  It’s a store, Erin.  Yes, but the prices told me that I can’t afford this on my salary, so I need to keep working and achieve that EdD so I can one day afford a $5,000 bright primary colored umbrella stand!  Something I learned today that I desperately needed!  

-It is made of glass aka I feel like I live in Jen Aniston’s koy pond filled LA manse.  For who is that not the dream?!

-It's great for people watching!  You can watch all kinds of engaged couples talking seriously about which pepper grinder to buy.  They are IN-TENSE!  Apparently picking the wrong pepper grinder can induce tears!  Good.  To.  Know!  

I just love Crate & Barrel!  Even if the clerk was aghast when I told her that I was planning to wrap the "beautiful, structured black and white boxes".  I'm gonna wrap it lady, because it's tacky town not to wrap a gift!  

So if you haven't been, get yourself to C&B ASAP!  



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