Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hey Friends,

Happy Sunday Night!  Are we loving the ACM's?  Any excuse to watch Lukey do anything is reason enough for me to spend 3 hours glued to my television.  Also, and most importantly, does Faith Hill age?  The answer is no.  Loving the Lady A + Stevie Nicks lovefest we have extended from Crossroad's to the ACM's.

I had a lervely day today.  I went to KOP to do a little guilty pleasure shopping with Kate and then we had a very guilty dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  Yummmmmmmzzzzzz!  We had chats about boys, work, summer, and life plans.  The things Girls' Nites are built for.

I got to go to Lilly  Pulitzer (always a win), LOFT (new sweater for interview #2), and we obviously went to Tiffany's.  We didn't buy anything (sad panda) but a salesman in a different store asked us how our shopping day was going and we told him we went to Tiff's and he goes, "Tiffany's isn't what it used to be.  It used to be a much more respected jeweler, but now it's an online store that sells silver bracelets to teenaged girls."  We both laughed sheepishly and hid our left wrists behind our backs to disguise our T&Co silver bracelets that we wear religiously.  Anyway, it was a good laugh.

My new Lilly P starfish earrings.  If it's not summer yet, at least my ears will be summery!

So this past Friday night I played in my district's Volley For Support Game.  In my district this is a huge deal and has been since its origin 10 years ago.  All of the money goes towards charities chosen by the district.  The district sells t-shirts, food, raffle tickets, etc.  It's, as Donald Trump would say, YUUUUGE!  I got to play this year and I was pretty pumped.

I consider my self a vert.  Not an extrovert, not an introvert, just a vert.  I like people but I don't jump out of my skin if I have to spend time alone.  Hence the vert-ness.

Anyway, on Friday afternoon, they had all the teachers at my school play against each other in a pep rally game.  Well, this former cheerleader never met a pep rally she didn't love.  So my students cheered for me and welp, I ended up hitting myself in the face!  Yes!  I bumped the ball and it backfired off a pole and hit me square in the face.  Sometimes I even impress myself!  I lived and realized that my athletic abilities bar had reached a new low...aka my favorite place because the only way to go is up! So I recovered and had some good hits.  (Also because I'm such an intelligent being, I forgot my jacket at home so the para in my room loaned me her sweater.  Everyone at that school is so nice!)  I started playing better and even scored a few points.

After the game one of my students came up to me and said, "Miss Kitley, at first you didn't do so well.  But then, you warmed up and you were actually pretty good!"  I was like, "Thanks, Bud!  I think that was a pretty fair assessment of how I played!" Gotta love 4th grade honesty!

Anyway, that night I drove to the event and met up with the fellow teachers.  I have to tell you that all of the teachers are so nice to me.  As a student teacher you really don't have a place.

Yes, student teachers are the Tobies of the district.  In my experience student teaching is what you make it.  You should get involved because you want to know all the dynamics of the school and meet as many people as possible.  It's good networking.  Also, the principal will see that you enjoy getting involved and being a team player.  Am I the most athletic person on the planet?  Heck no.  Do I care?  No.  Did I have fun and get myself out of my comfort zone?  Absolutely.  Was it worth it?  100%!  All of the teachers have welcomed me to the school and even though I'm not superduper athletic they still let me play.  They all say hi to me in the hallway and include me in lunchroom conversations.  You might be thinking big deal they're being humans.  Well, yes, on one hand yes they are, but on the other hand, sometimes schools can be cliquey places.  This school is not like that at all.  Since I'm a vert, I appreciate this.  

Anyway, at the game I actually played pretty well.  I had 3 goals:

1.) Do not cause injury to anyone on your team
2.) Do not cause injury to yourself
3.) Do not lose the game for your team

I didn't do any of the other above.  I hit the ball well, I didn't hurt anyone, nor did I eat the ball.  All improvements.  I heard my students cheering for me, too.  That was super cool!  I love my kiddos. 

We ended up losing in the first round to a fellow elementary school 15-14.  Tough loss.  We all played hard and it was all for a good cause!  Everybody is a winner in that light!

It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I participated.  My Deb and Dad showed up to cheer for me which was super fun and nice and meant a lot to me.  I love how supportive my parents are.  I know that I will be there for all of my future children's events because they showed me such a great example of how important it is to be involved and support your kids.  (Even your grown up kids who play in charity volleyball games:))

Here is actual photographic evidence of my athletic endeavors.

Go Bulldogs!

Got My Game Face On!

Look At That Skill LOLZ  My Gym Teachers Must Be So Proud!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday!  Wish me luck tomorrow, I have a job interview for a job I reeeeeaaaalllly want!  Fingers crossed!!

Love and Happiness,



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