Saturday, October 19, 2013

Virginia is For Leapers?

So last weekend was a blasty blast!  We spent it in Virginia visiting my little brother at college.  It's weird to visit your baby brother at college (especially when you yourself on have a few short months before you will no longer be a college kid/grown up/in between).  I was no on my Super Type A game and forgot a toothbrush, toothpaste, and my flip flops.  The hotel was nice enough to give me a prison grade toothbrush until we could make it to Target in the am.

Friday was crazy because we drove through The Monsoon To End All Monsoons...seriously I was waiting for an ark.  After a 7 hour car ride we picked up Dylan and went to sleep.  Saturday was a super fun day!  I wore my southfit (Southfit:  noun, an outfit worn in theme with the south.  Think cowboy boots, plaid button down shirt, and skinny jeans.  Sentence:  Fern, take off that southfit you look ridiculous and this isn't the time for a costume!)  If you were wondering, that was an actual sentence Dylan spoke.  But I love a theme and the southfit was worn much to Dylan's chagrin.  It was raining so I had to swap my cowboy boots for my hawt pink Huntah Wellies (that's to be spoken in a British accent because Hunter's are from England...naturally they're classier).  But did I get upset?  Goodness No!  (Pete the CATTTT FTW...sorry I was subbing yesterday and read that book a few times.  Love him)  I love my Wellies and take any/every/all excuse to wear them.

Dylan goes to a much bigger school than my beloved TCNJ.  His school has about 20,000 undergrads.  They even have a football team with actual human fans...I'll let you pick up your chins after this one.  I've never actually seen any non-family member football fans at TCNJ.  I went to one game when I was a frosh and I felt like I didn't belong there because I wasn't related to anyone on the team.  After the shock and awe that comes with actual football fans and seeing people and students who are sporting their JMU sweatshirts/tees/shorts/etc (this is beyond unheard of at TCNJ, we only wear our "Bookstore Outfits" as unknowing freshman.  So we realize the Er of our ways and hide them deep in the recesses of our closet, only to be worn again when we are visiting our home towns.  We only wear them in our hometowns as not to be confused with townies...i.e. people that never left) we went to the mall.  Yup, you can take the family out of Jersey but you can't Jersey out of the family.  We walked around, sat on a tractor, bought Dylan things, then, the best thing ever happened!  I noticed a bungee cord meets trampoline contraption!!  $5 for 3 minutes?!  Can you say best deal ever?!  I paid my money and jumped til my little heart was content!  I flipped, I toe-touched, I was 10 years older than the other patrons, I didn't care!  That was a freaking blast!!  The best night ever!  I did get a little woozy bouncing around like that for a few minutes though.

After this we went to my fav place for dinner.  I'm obvi a super classy, super formal person and insisted we go to Texas Roadhouse.  This place has the best margaritas, barbecue chicken (except for Squeal's in NOLA) and mashed potatoes.  But the real reason anyone goes here is the bread and cinnamon sugar butter!  Toooo DIE FOR!! (Plus I IG'd a pic of my drink and Texas Road House commented on it!  Some people dream of their fav celeb tweeting them back or IGing them back...not this girl.  Texas Road House made my life!)

Next was a dance party in the hotel room while watching the Cardinals game.  Pretty fun night.  Sunday was a long day.  I will claim to be a traveling princess.  I don't like long car rides.  They're not for me.  I probably wouldn't mind driving alone for the 6 hours from JMU to NJ but alas I ride all squished up passenger style.  I think I'm 12 sometimes (if you couldn't deduce that from my trapeze work mentioned above, and I bring a ton of things to entertain myself.  I'm talking movies, iphone, ipod, computer, magazines, books...the list goes on.)

I also got a new JMU sweatshirt!  Hot pink, thankyouverymuch!

Well, I'm going to leave you with some pix of the weekend because I am off to the ballet.  Yes yes I'm quite the dichotomy, the Texas Road House loving, southfit wearing, 12 year old also loves the ballet!



awkward car selfie

tying a tie...this is press

Oh you know, just casually riding a a mall

Love seeing my Birds repped in VA...P.S. this wouldn't happen in NJ

The picture of all that is evil in the world.  Grown up Camo Crocs

Oh you know just jumping in a mall

Because I'm 22 and that's how we do

Miss Patti would be proud of my pointed toes

Working Up The Courage To Flip 

Flipping Out

Pro Status

Medalled in Mall Flipping

Dance Partayyyy!

Every time I leave a hotel room and
see an open hallway I expect the Grady Twins to
be there...

Jeans:  Jessica Simpson
Boots: Hunter
Tank: Target
Top: Target
Bag:  Kate Spade
Earrings and Ring:  Tiffanys
Necklace:  Robin & Leigh

Chillaxing in the Hotel


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