Sunday, October 27, 2013

Who You Gonna Call???


Boo!  So this past weekend was super fun!  On Saturday night my roomie, Cara (Even though we *sadly* no longer are roomies, I will always refer to her as my roomie because for 3 years she was not just my friend...we were roommates!  *Inside joke*)  Anyway, Cara's become part of our crazy family and so she, my dad, and I ventured in Philly for a ghost tour!  *Deb didn't want to come because she was afraid of ghosts attaching themselves to her) If you've read my blog, you know that I've gone on a few ghost tours in New Orleans and I loved them!  NOLA ghost tours are cool because everyone down there believes the ghostly tales!  Here in Philly, and the Northeast in general, we are more skeptical of the paranormal and life in general.  We like our world concrete.  We like to see everything and if we can't touch it we don't believe it.  NO. GHOSTS. ALLOWED.  Annnnnnyyyywayyyy, I love ghosts!  I have even seen a few.  I've always believed in ghosts.  I think it stems from my Catholic upbringing.  I know, I know, Catholics and ghosts are a total dichotomy but let me explain.  When I was little I always believed in Guardian Angels and their ability to help you out in life.  I always believed that Guardian Angels can look down and see you.  I know that my grandparents are my Guardian Angels and I can talk to them whenever I want.  I always believed in that very thin line between the real world and Heaven.  Also, you can't ever destroy
an energy.  People are energy+you can't destroy energy=ghosts are real.  Erin Kitley logic and science there for ya kids.

After extensive research (eh hem dorky Type-A personality for ya) I decided to book us spots on the Spirit of '76 Ghost Tour.  The other tours had guides in kitschy costumes, capes, and lanterns.  Our guide wore a Temple kamikaze looking hat.  That's legit folks.  So we started out on our 90 minute tour through Old City and stopped at several haunted places.  For the full info see:  We learned all about the hauntings of several famous Philadelphia sites including Carpenter's Hall, Independence Hall, City Tavern, and Old Pine Street Cemetery to name a few.  It was really creepy and I had so much fun throughout the whole thing!  The weather was perfect ghost touring weather.  It was crisp and cool and perfect for ghost touring!!  It wasn't very scary, I prefer my ghost tours a little bit scarier.  However, I did learn a lot of cool Philadelphia history.  History Dorks For The Win!!!  (P.S. we scored sweet glow stix!)

Happy Hauntings,


Here are a few of my favorite pics from the night:

Roomie Love!!
Peacoat:  Old Navy
Scarf: Gap
Purse: Kate Spade
Glove: Target
Jeans: Jessica Simpson
Boots: Target
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: Tiffany & Co.

Charlie's Angels Ghost Busters

Daddy (or the Green Monster) and Me Before The Tour

Ghost Busters!
Orb In The Tree By Carpenter's Hall

Ghost In the Upper Right Window!

At The Pine Street Cemetery...Look at the creepy apparition on the right...

Oh Hey Ghost That's Just Casually Walking Across The Camera's Lens

Physick House

That Lamp Post Blew Out As Soon As The Guide Started Talking About The Ghosts In Washington Square

Liberty Bell!

Phlying Ghostly Orbs

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