Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Hola!  Happy Friday!  Woot Woot!  Okay I have seen this on a couple blogs and I love the idea of Friday Favorites!  One thing I love to read about on other blogs are what other bloggers love.  So here is a short list of my new favs for the week!

1)  Panera's Pumpkin Bagel with Cheesecake Cream Cheese. OMG!  Died and went to Heaven!  I only allow myself to eat one a week because it really is THAT GOOD!  I'd eat it everyday all day.

2) C9 workout gear from Target.  I can't get enough of the cute colors and styles!  If you're like me at all you love Lulu Lemon but at $100 a sweatshirt it's too pricey for this grad student.  Target's C9 does a pretty good job of creating similar styles in bright bright colors at 1/10 the cost.  Today I got two C9 workout tops (for Zumba) at they were about $6.00 a piece.  *Bought them on clearance but still....*

3) Gap Wine colored khakis.  As I'm standing outside for a fire drill today while subbing, I realized my ankles were faaareeeezing!  I looked down and realized that it is the end of October and I'm still trying to pass off my crops as pants.  Not okay at all.    It's too cold for that nonsense.  So after work I went to Gap to buy some pants.  To my delight Gap was having a 30% off everything including sale/clearance Sale and you'll be happy to know that I now am the proud owner of pants.  I'm a huge clothes lover, yet I seem to have always forgotten that I need nice work pants...Thank you once a week practicums.  I need pants for subbing and my upcoming student teaching.  I have so many ideas as to what I want to pair them with.  I'm thinking my embellished Old Navy sweatshirt and a collared top.  I think that will be super cute and preppy!

4)  Jason Aldean's Night Train

5) The World Series...obvi...I'm a baseball girl!  I'm cheering for the Cards!

6) The upcoming Christmas Season!

7) Colorful skirts, nude tights, brown riding boots, and black sweaters.  Loving this look!  I'm gonna post pics of my favorite combinations of this.  New Fall FAV!

8) Thrice weekly Girls' Nites!  Y'all know this girl will never turn down a Girls' Nite so when the opportunity came for not one, not two, but three Girls' know I jumped on it!  I went to dinner with a few friends on Tuesday, Captain Phillips with Amanda on Wednesday for a late nite movie fix (this was fab!  Not our usual chick flick, tear tear, but a really good drama...Go see it!  I recommend it!) and tomorrow Cara, Daddy, & I are going on the Spirit of '76 Ghost Tour!

9) Pure Almond Dark Chocolate Almond Milk.  SO. GOOD. TASTES. LIKE. ICE. CREAM.

10) My Collaboration & Communication Class.  Great professor.  Great friends.  Great topic.  Great information.  Can a girl ask for more?

11) Rowing Machine.  I love my new gym!  I will write why shortly but I just love it so much!  I love the rowing machine!  I've never used one before but it is tres facille!  It is a crazyfab workout y'all!  I recommend it!  It's great for cardio, legs, and arms!

12) Subbing!  I lerve my job!

13) Almost finished America's Queen.  I'm a HUGE/GIGANTIC/CRAZED/OBSESSED Jacqueline Kennedy superfangirl!  I wrote my Senior Thesis on the topic, Jacqueline Kennedy:  A Weapon of Soft Power and this tome is just the icing on the cake!  I love Jackie and her ability to turn around the American beauty empire and how she jump started America's fashion capital.  I've read the beginning of this book about 5 times in my research career, but I never got to read the part about what happens after Jack.  (ie comes after Jack right?  Such a huge dork!  If you got that goofy joke I heart you.  I do know, but I've never read it from this author before)

14) Apple Cider Wine.  Just. Da. Lish.

15) Selena Gomez & Rashida Jones standing up for the good girl!  Good girls are where it's at!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!  I can't wait to tell you all about my upcoming ghost tour!



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