Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Funday


      Happy Sunday!  Raise your hand if you don't want it to be Monday tomorrow!  *This girl is raising her hand*  I'm actually on Fall Break now from TCNJ.  However, Fall Break in grad school means you still have to edit a paper, read three articles and six chapters, and collect your thoughts for your jigsaw.  Plus, it means I still have to go to work.  I do love working though so that doesn't really count.  Anyway, enough complaining, my life's pretty fab.

    Today our family continued the long lasting Kitley Sunday Tradition of attending 10 am Mass, brunch, shopping, and concluding our day with some shopping.  Last week we discovered The Robin's Nest in Mt. Holly and we are hooked!  Last Sunday I had oatmeal raisin pancakes with strawberries and a mimosa.  The place is adorable!!  Think Victorian mixed with country.  Today Deb and I had Nutella Waffles.  O.M.G. Foodgasm!  I loved every minute of them.  They tasted like what I envision happiness to taste like.  Fantabulous, y'all!!
Deb & Me & Mimosas!
Nutella Waffles...OMG
Daddy In The Big Chair.
We may have done a little 3 Little Bears here...

Next, we went to Target for a little Halloween candy shopping and came across THESE GEMS!

Geishas Anyone?

I talked myself out of buying all of these Christmas Albums...
Self Control is Only Buying Michael Buble's Christmas Album
I have a confession to make.  For the past two days I have been listening to Christmas Jams and watching ABCFamily Christmas Movies on Netflix.  I also may or may not have added the ABCFamily 25 Days of Christmas lineup to my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda...

Then I saw the 2013 version of Skipper.  Skipper was blonde in my day kiddos.  Chelsea's name was also Kelly....hmmmmmm Mattel.....Is the 2013 Skipper gothic?  Idunno but in my day Whitney had brown hair...Skipper was blonde...P.S. Midge was also randomly at Target.  Midge, whereyabeen the past 40 years?

After Target Funday I had to return to reality because App Reviews won't write themselves honey.  I also may or may not have rewarded myself with ABCFamily's Holiday in Handcuffs.  :)  Pretty fab day!

Alrighty, I'm getting ready for bed so I can watch Hocus Pocus and The World Series.  Go Cards!  Have a Happy Last Day of The Weekend!!



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