Thursday, March 31, 2016


Happy Thursday!

What is everyone up to today?  Today is a pretty hodgepodge kinda day over here.  Last night my beloved spin class was cancelled so I decided to call it a night and curl up with a glass of wine and some DVRed Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  Guess who I found?!

Haley and Emily!  
Ben's TWINS!  How crazy?! Also, fun fact, Melissa Rycroft also started her reality tv fame on this show!

Also, Sean Lowe appeared on this show because he was Brooke Sorenson's boyfriend in season 2.  ALSO, Brooke went on to marry Laynce Nix a Philadelphia Philly for 2.5 seasons.  Cacacacrazy!

The title of the post is something that I found inspiration on Julie's blog.  The post is based on the Happiness podcast and it deals with 2 kinds of people:  moderators and abstainers.  Moderators can have one little nibble of a treat and be fine.  Abstainers have to have it all or nothing.  

I'm definitely an abstainer.  I can't have just one piece of chocolate.  I want it all.  I can't have candy, cookies, or cake in the house because I know that in 24 hours it will be gone.  I'm the same way with grapes.  I could live on grapes.  I've always been this way.  I could NEVER be one of those girls who can just *share* dessert.  No thanks!  I need my own piece.  For example, when I prep for races, I cut all refined sugar out of the house.  I can't have any of it or I'll eat all of it.  For short races, I cut refined sugar out for a week.  For longer races, it takes a solid month.  I just find this interesting.  Everyone has different vices and it's interesting how people engage and tackle their vices.  

Yesterday I ended up running around trying to accomplish some top secret errands.  I'll post them in a few weeks when the secret is no longer under wraps.  But until then, my lips are sealed.  

I went (unsuccessfully) shoe shopping for the upcoming weddings.  I didn't find any shoes, but I did find Jaclyn's birthday presents!  

Last night I was exhausted so I called it a night at 9:30.  I did not set an alarm since the only thing on the agenda was Pilates, Barred, lifting, and a run.  I woke up at 9 today!  9!  I never sleep that late!  I kinda enjoyed it ;)

 I went on a quick 5 mile run this morning.  It was a speedy, schweaty run...just the way I like them :) I usually like running at 5 am, but when the opportunity to sleep in presents itself, THIS GIRL will take it.  There's a few differences between running at 5 am and running at 9 am.  
  • PEOPLE will see you rundance.  Rundancing is something that I invented to keep me motivated to run at 5 am.  Rundancing is kind of a mix or dancing, running, and sign language. I kinda sign the lyrics while I dance a little bit and obviously run.  It's also great for the endurance!  It's totally dorky, but it's really really really fun! The cars I pass while rundancing at 5 am, I feel like we have a special bond  (who really wants to be up at 5 am?) so they don't care about what I do.  The 9 am-ers have all been up and had their coffee and they know that you are crazy.  
  • It's freaking bright!  I don't wear sunglasses when I run because I usually run before the sun comes up.  Plus I hate when they slip down your face.  I ended up with a squinty face.  Mix that with the rundancing and you've got one sexayyy runner...jk.
While I was running today I was thinking, wow, it would be great finances wise to get a babysitting job this weekend.  Well, when I came home and got out of the shower I got a text asking if I could babysit this afternoon.  I then immediately said wow, it would be great if Chris Evans showed up in my life!   Still waiting on that one ;)

Tonight is going to be a great workout, then some Scandal!  So excited!  This season is really picking up and I can't wait to see where all of the story lines go.  Also, it's my last day for wine for a whole month...gotta kick it into high gear for Broad Street! 

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!  



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