Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy FriYAY!

I'm not exactly celebrating because it means the end of Spring Break.  Spring Break has been such a good 10 day break.  It was filled with friends, fitness, and relaxation.  All the things that I love most.

In typical Friday Fashion, I'll be posting some of my favorite things from around the web, the world, and other little places.

First, funny gym story .

I grabbed a resistance band to do some curls, and just as I started to curl, one handle ripped right off!   It made a huge loud snapping sound.  To make matters worse, it ripped off right in front of the gym's owner.  That was awkward.  He was like, "That's broken."  Then he put it in the trash and said to the guy working the desk, "The women in this gym are too strong."  #truestory It's so awkward and my face went beet red.

Then, about 10 minutes later, a random gym goer started talking to the owner about this natural supplement he's been taking that not only helps boost athletic performance, but it doubles as a natural aphrodisiac.  #awkward

He then said this magical aphrodisiac/pre-workout/testosterone booster was from, "some plant in Africa."  


Also, a fellow gym goer told me he saw me running yesterday.  I wanted to ask if he saw me dancing...

But I guess some things are better left unsaid...and unknown :)

This actually brings me to this week's first Friday Favorite!

This is pretty much what I look like running/rapping/dancing.  

I LOVE the comments about the Triathlon suit guy and the race course.  Does this guy know something about the course that we don't?  HILARIOUS! 

My new Phillies Pluency Pholders.  I'm super excited about baseball season starting (obviously).  So I made file folder fluency readers with pictures of the Phillies players inside so they can practice reading fluency while "Reading To The Phillies!"  Hello insta-centers!

Lunching with friends this week.  Nothing beats enjoying some girl talk and yummy food.  

One of my favorite co-workers got engaged!  Congrats to you two!  You are both wonderful people and I'm so lucky to know you!  Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness and love!

Parini Prosecco!  I was at Wegman's today (because it's a day ending in y) and they had a wine sample (Cheers to 12-3 wine sampling on Fridays!  They also had samples of veggies, bourbon chicken skewers, and cookie cake and regular cake!)  This new to me proseco was delishhhhhh!  Bubbly, sweet (but not overly sweet), and fruity.  A perfect light summery dessert wine.



I first saw this mentioned on Angie Asche's instagram account and knew I had to pick it up the next time I was at Whole Foods.  It's a great product without artificial sweeteners.  It's sweetened with dates!  I love products that use whole food to create new food.  

There's only 2 grams of sugar in one tsp (the serving size).  I'm a huge BBQ fan and there's really nothing better in the summer than a good cook out.  I will be using this stuff all summer long.  I already made a batch of BBQ marinated chicken.  I obviously took a quick lick of the marinade before I put it on the chicken and my mind was blown!  I seriously contemplated getting food poisoning because I was *this* close to licking the Tessemae covered spoon after coating the chicken in this goodness.  


Apparently, you can also buy this on  It's about $5.50, but it's worth it.  The flavor is really concentrated so you don't need a lot to get that wow flavor.  It's thick and tangy, not overly sweet.  Just the way I like it.  I dare you not to lick your fingers.  

Dark chocolate peanut butter Smidgens from Gertrude Hawk!  OMG these little bunnies are actually devils.  They are so good!  So good in fact that I'm going to have to put off the refined sugar free race prep until I finish them off in a few days.  

I am being good and only having the serving size.

Anyway, today I'm off to visit Cara in Princeton to relive our college glory days of dining at D'Angelo's! 

Also, I'm on a full on shoe odyssey.  Not a quest...oh no...this has gone beyond a quest and into a full on Odyssey.  I'll keep you posted how that goes.  

Before I say bye, I'm going to leave you with this little gem.  

This was from an ill fated girls trip to AC...4 YEARS AGO!  We were babies!  I can't believe that in 4 months Amanda will be a married woman!  Please don't judge my hair.  21 year old Erin thought this was a good look.  Oy vey!  



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