Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wednesday Weekend Recap

Hey All,

So Weekend Recap on a Wednesday?  Can we make that a thing?  It's been rough trying to get back in the swing of a regular work week after 11 days off.

Let's just say when given the option, I'll always pick waking up at 9:30 over 5 any day.

Well, let's just reminisce about the last weekend of spring break shall we?

Friday was definitely a FriYAY!  I went running and got my lift on before venturing out for more super secret errands.  I was successful, if you were wondering ;)

After scoring a shopping win, I drove up to Princeton (dodged the storm) and met Cara for dinner in Princeton.  Our old stomping grounds, D'Angelo's served as our fabulous din din.  D'Angelo's (35 Spring St. Princeton) has been one of our regular spots for 5 years.  We feel old saying that.

Chicken meatballs with marinara and roasted tomatoes!

After dinner (we shut the place down) we wandered the beautiful campus and just caught up and chatted. Talking with Cara is one of my favorite things because it's so much fun to discuss big issues, ideas, reminisce, and discuss dreams.  Girl chatter at it's best!  We don't get to see each other as much as we'd like to, but every time we hang out we pick up right where we left off.

After walking for hours, we ended up at the old faithful, House of Cupcakes on Witherspoon.  You need to get yourself there!  They've been featured on Cupcake Wars (and won!) and have expanded form just cupcakes to all kinds of desserts and sweets. I'm talking fudge, rice krispies, brownies, candy, ice cream, truffles, cookies, and they do specialty ones, too!  They even have vegan treats and puppy treats!  Cara got an ice cream and I went balls to the walls with this brownie!
Brownie, dipped in chocolate, with chocolate icing, with crushed up chocolate covered pretzels complete with chocolate drizzle.  

We shut down this place, too!  I guess it's becoming a trend for us :)

Saturday morning started like all Saturdays...gym time play time!  I wasn't feeling my usual Saturday routine so I decided to do some kettlebell and TRX fun.

Schwing, batter batter, schwing!

It hit the soul...and the arms...and the legs...and the abs...and the shoulders.


Saturday afternoon my dad and I headed to the Phillies Futures Game.

Thank you Phillies 5k for the awesome seats<3

This game features the stars of tomorrow aka the next generation of Phillies and they play the current Phillies team.  It was a great game.  Both teams played hard.  The Futures look awesome (maybe 2020 will be our year?) and they almost won the game!  It's not good to lose to your minor league team, right?  

Decked out in our (warmest) Phillies Phinest!

It was awkward to see people who were younger than me on the board!  One was born in 1994!!!??? What is up with that?  He's a baby...

Oh hey big guy!

Saturday night, I ventured out for more secret errands and again was successful!  Only a few more days of secrecy I promise!

Sunday was a relaxing run day.  It was my first 10 mile run as race prep for Broad Street and it was a blustery one.  I felt like I was in the middle of the running devil and the running angel.  When the wind was blowing in my favor, it was so easy and fun...the running angel.  The I love running!  This is the best run ever! What a great idea!  


when the wind was beating me in the face and pushing me in the opposite direction,  I felt like I had a parachute attached to my back the whole time.  It was a struggle...to say the least!  This is the running devil.  The you know you have chocolate at home, right?  The I hate running.  It's cold and windy and why are you doing this?  THAT is the running devil side of my shoulder.  

Sunday night was spent getting mentally prepped for work.  I also watched the ACM's.  Kate sent me this text and I couldn't agree more!  

Why we're best friends <3

He rocked it.  Plus Carrie killed it.  Miranda was amazing!  I like Blake's new song, too.  He looked super emotional while he was singing it and I wish wish wish the cameraman panned over to who he was staring at while he was singing.  Did anyone else notice that?  He seemed very preoccupied.  I loved the show, but I always wonder why they don't do more awards.  Kelsea Ballerini, Dan+Shay, and others won best new female artist and best new duo respectively and they didn't get stage time.  Those are big deal awards!  Did anyone else think Kelsea killed her performance? She rocked it.  Holy girl crush on her legs, too!  

I have to give a big shout out to my students for being rock stars this week!  I was expecting to have to pull them down from the rafters and it has been the complete opposite.  Kudos kiddos!

I hope you are all having a great week so far!



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