Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter in Virginia

Hoppy Eater!

Let us all take a moment to remember why we celebrate Easter.  Jesus is Risen and has saved us all.

Eater has always been kind of nomadic for our family.  When we were little, we'd pack up and visit my Grandma outside Scranton, Pennsylvania.  After she passed, we stayed home for about 2 Easters, went on a cruise once (and the time change caused us all to miss Easter Mass), and now we visit Dylan at JMU.  I love the crazy Easter traditions we have developed over the years.  Gertrude Hawk Chocolate Company has become a staple in our house because the factory was near my Grandma's house.  Every year we get a box of Smidgens (I'm looking at your Dark Chocolate PB Smidgens and I can feel you staring back at me) and a summer "toy".  Since Dylan and my birthdays are both in December, the parentals decided that we needed summer toys at this juncture in the year long ago.  We used to get bikes/scooters/helmets/water guns, etc, but now we get concert tickets (Oh hey, MegaTicket!) and things like that.

This year was no different.  We made the 5 hour drive to Harrisonburg yesterday.  It was long and sprinkled with multiple naps and reruns of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2.  Does anyone else turn into a narcoleptic when they get in the car?  For some reason I can never keep my eyes open.  When we arrived we picked up the brother.

How cute is he?
I may or may not have tried to clepto his sunglasses muahahaha.

We ran some errands for him and then chilled at the hotel before dinner.  We went to Corgan's Publick House in Harrisonburg.  We went here last year and were very impressed so we returned this year with our mouths watering.  

It did not disappoint.  Corgan's is an Irish Pub/restaurant.  It's pretty small inside, but has an impressive menu and a cozy atmosphere.  The bar side of the restaurant was packed, but the dining room side, while still small (only about 8 tables) was relatively quiet and enjoyable.  

I ordered the blackened tilapia with asparagus, broccoli, quinoa, and veggie side.  I also ordered my new fave cocktail-tequila shot with seltzer and lime.  70 calories and tastes like a margarita!  I took some pix with the iPhone, but it was way too dark.  

We split a piece of decadent chocolate cake.  To say I'm excited Lent is over is an understatement.  I almost licked the plate...sorrynotsorry.

After dinner we headed out to Kline's Dairy Bar for some ice cream.  Kline's is a custard stand that always has chocolate and vanilla ice cream and then a flavor of the week.  If you are not singing American Hi-Fi's Flavor of the Week right now, I don't know if we can be friends.  The flavor of the week you ask?  CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER!  Ahhhhhmayyyyzing!   

Chocolate PB with cookie dough topping
I died!  I could have probably done without the cookie dough topping, but you live and learn.  It was  a little grainy.  It kinda tasted like the Easy Bake Oven cookie dough before you add the water and wait 100 years for the lightbulb to cook your food.

After dessert, we dropped Dylan off at his house and went back to the hotel.  We watched the Nova Kansas game, what a nail biter, then headed to sleep.  

Our hotel had breakfast so I mosied downstairs and picked up some fruit and a biscuit.  Gotta love the south and their biscuits.

Trying to be a Healthy Hannah

 I also may or may not have polished off 3 Smidgens.

We're heading to church and then it's Easter Lunch at the always classy Texas Roadhouse!  Guilty Pleasure admittance #253252 I am obsessed with TEXAS ROADHOUSE!  First of all the biscuits-OMG!
I only had 1 that's self-control

Then the peanut bucket?  Swoon!  They also give you a trash bucket for the shells!  Genius!
Peanuts have protein, right?

Finally, the grilled chicken, sweet potato, and broc is out of this world.  The funny part is that we have a few near us, but we still never go unless we're visiting Dylan or in Grammaland.  It kinda makes it special, no?

My favorite din din

After lunch, we'll head back to NJ.  It's always sad to say good bye to Dylan, but we pack a lot of fun and mischief into these 24 hours.  Raise your hand if you love hanging out with your sibling for the sole purpose of having someone else for your mom to pick on?!  

Dylan hates when I dress Southern for trips to visit him
I'm going to go on a 9 mile run when I get home because Broad Street is in 5 short weeks!  EEK!  Can't wait!  *Edited to say the run did not happen, but Chinese food did...soooooo*

This is a Mobile Car Wash and Barber Shop...only in Virginia
I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and enjoyed their family time...and chocolate :)

Here's hoping I don't repeat many an Easter and end up in a sugar coma!  I tried to take precaution and only packed 4 Smidgens (however, one went missing...I'm on the hunt for the Bunny Culprit).

To all of my teacher friends, enjoy your Spring Break!  



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