Sunday, March 30, 2014

So I'm Running a Half Marathon

Hey Friends,

Yup, the title is true.  I just registered for my first half marathon.  Why?  Because I want one of those super cool 13.1 stickers for my car, Madden, okay?  Just kidding not really I do want one.  I'm running this for myself and because of the free t-shirt that's not really free because it's included in my registration fee.  Yes, I think I'm crazy, too.  If you asked me a year ago if I would run a half marathon I would have laughed in your face.  I would not have believed you.

Growing up I dreaded running.  Mile day in gym class induced in me a sudden wave of nausea and an earnest discussion with my gym teacher about how I was Amish and therefore unable to wear my gym clothes thus enabling me to perform such an athletic feat.  In case you were wondering my gym teachers did not buy the Amish thing.  Probably because of my cheerleading uniform.

While I was always an active girl, I always hated running.  I specifically picked athletic endeavors that allowed me to keep my running to a minimal.  I never had to run for dance class.  Cheerleading practice started everyday with a half mile jog warm up but that was fun because I got to run with all my friends and I knew that completing that run meant 2 hours of dancing, jumping, and cheering.  All things I loved therefore great motivation for running.

Flash forward to 2013.  I was between gyms (not loving Planet Fitness because it was a solid 1 in the motivation department) and needed some cardio.  I loved walking 5 miles a night but I wanted something more.  So (true story) one day I started running and didn't stop.  Just call me Forrest Gump.  I fell in love with running every night in the dark because it was quiet, private, and I could have all the alone time I wanted.  I like the sound of my feet hitting the pavement.  I like the solitude running provides me with.  I like the mental clarity running provides--everything!  I love it all!  I loathe running on the treadmill though.  GROSS!

FLASH forward to 2013 (fall).  A crazy idea pops into my head--I want to run a half marathon!  I wanna run the Disney Princess Half!  Well, I decided I wanted a practice half, so I'm running the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon in September.


Yes, Michelle Elizabeth Tanner, I'm a beast!

Let me preface this with I am not fast.  I have zero speed.  I am a good distance runner because I have high endurance.  My goal for my half is under 2 hours.  I have about 6 months to train and I can't wait to start.

I began my training today by purchasing some new sneaks.  My beloved magenta leopard sneaks are officially worn out so today I got these little babies for training.  

Get it right, get it bright

I also may or may not be in the market for a pink running skirt.  I also want a pink Garmin watch to track my pacing and training.  

I want to run this for me.  I want to achieve this for me.  I'm pretty pumped about training, new shoes, and obviously the running skirts!

Also, fingers crossed for some race day hotties as motivation!  Check out this lady's race day IG pics!  Love it!



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