Saturday, March 29, 2014

What Going On An Interview (or 3) Is Really Like

Hey Loves!

So this week has been crazycrazycrazy!  Between student teaching, classes, and homework I have had little time for blogging.  Well, today I will tell you all about my interviews.  As you may know, TCNJ has EID (Education Interview Days) where local (and some out of state-hello SC!) come and run speed dating like interviews with teacher candidates.  I applied to all the districts that were within an hour from my house and have Philadelphia sports allegiances.  I can't work in a school where the majority of the people support the Mets.  I had three interviews, one at 8:45, one at 9:15, and one at 3.

     I had a great prep interview session with my high school advisor.  She was amazing and helped me work out all my little kinks and gave me sample interview questions.  She helped me with teacher evaluation program details, gave me talking points, and taught me about Realtime and other online school management sites.  She was amazing and I was much more comfortable interviewing after talking with her.  It's dedicated teachers like her that truly show the world what makes excellent teachers such a vital part of our society.  She gave up 2 hours of her Saturday to coach a former student for an interview.  If you're reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Well here's how my day went...

I got up around 6 6:15 to get ready to head up to TCNJ.  The coordinator said we had to be there a half hour before the interview and because I'm insane and don't understand that The College is only 40 minutes away and therefore I don't have to leave at 7 to make it by 8:15.  Anyway, I met up with Jaclyn and this happened...

pre-interview selfie
Then, we got caught by a school administrator and feared that she would be interviewing us and write us off as goobers.  Luckily this didn't happen.  Make sure you have predesignated a friend the look out (think pirate ship) BEFORE you snap your selfies,'ve been warned.    

My interviewing outfit!

So  I didn't wear a boring pants suit.  I look like a ridiculous waiter at an Italian chain restaurant when I wear one.  So this dress was from LOFT.  Notice the hawt name tag.  Styling and Profiling people!

Next, we met up with some of our cohort, chatted, exchanged fears, the usual.  Then, time for the interviews...

How I felt walking into my first interview:


Fortunately, unlike my girl crush JLAW, I didn't talk about my peeing to my prospective employers.  

The employers asked me to describe myself:


I didn't say that but it took every fiber in my entire being to not say this phrase.  

One school wanted me to talk about my dance experience.  And opened with so tell me what you were like in high school?    


Just kidding.......I told her I was super involved in extracurriculars.  She was all excited and asked if I would want to be involved in extracurriculars with her district.  I said I would love to.  *Cue the volleyball game I will be playing in on Friday* 

The other interviewers talked to me about their towns.  One asked me what I knew about the town and I said I enjoy brunch at a local eatery there.  (Thank God for the Kitley's Sunday rule-No Pew No Chew translated loosely meaning if you don't go to church you don't get to grab breakfast with us)  Thank God for local eateries and brunch!

Going on interviews was not as scary as I had thought it would be.  I felt very good about the interviews and I was excited that I knew and produced quality answers.  I don't know if I will get any of these jobs but I hope I will!

Here's the goal of an interview:


Just so everyone knows, no interviewer asked to see my highly organized binder full of projects I carefully analyzed and chose to show off what kind of great teaching they can expect from me.  Kind of sad no one asked to see them, because I used really cute dividers...but's cool.  

Some jobs I really want, some I know I am not cut out for.  Hopefully good things will come from these interviews and the other jobs I applied for so far.  

Fingers crossed.  

The rest of the day included chatting with other SPEDS about interviews they had, will have, are scared of, etc.  One thing I really like about most SPEDS is that we look out for each other.  In a world where teachers are constantly criticized and a time where getting a teaching job can feel like landing that lucky break in Hollywood, it was nice to talk with each other and give each other tips and talking points.  We look out for each other and that is important.  I don't believe in cut throat tactics to get a job.  I don't believe in trying to hurt someone's chances of getting a job just to make you look better.  I told all of my friends the types of questions the interviewers asked.  If I knew an area of NJ better than they did I would give them information about the area.  They did the same.  It is nice to have such a positive group of women to call my colleagues.  We calmed each others nerves, reviewed each others' cover letters, resumes, and anything else we could help with.  

Job hunting is really fun!  I enjoy interviewing (probably because I like talking (...about anything...with anyone...for any and all reasons) but I like talking about education and teaching even more!  

Job interviews are hard.  These were the first interviews I went on knowing that I was most likely not going to get the job.  Prior to these interviews, I only went on one job interview and I was hired on the spot.  My other jobs I have inherited.  My dance studio job?  I inherited it because I was already there 5 days a week.  My tutoring job/babysitting gigs?  Usually word of mouth.  

These interviews were definitely full of pressure but also full of passion and excitement!  This is going to be my career in a few short months and I am beyond excited! 

Good Luck to alllllll my SPEDS!  Y'all are awesome and will be great teachers!  




  1. OMG--I read this by accident! Must have missed it when you posted it, but read your half-marathon post (that's cray, btw) and just kept scrolling. Yay! So sweet of you. You're VERY welcome; glad I could help! Good luck!!

  2. Thanks so much! Yes, I'm a crazy person but exercise brings out a more normal side of me lol Your advice and tips really helped me!