Saturday, March 1, 2014

Smiles, Sunshine, and Snow!

Happy Saturday y'all!

 A side note on y'all--I'm glad this Southern favorite saying is moving it's little way up to the North!  I love this phrase and throw it in when I go to the South.  Speaking of the South, Happy Mardi Gras week!  Sending my love and aspirin to my friends in NOLA!  Pat O's, congrats on making 80% of your yearly income this week!!

Ok, so about the title of the post...

I have some exciting news!

I have three interviews for actual grown up jobs!  TCNJ runs an educational interview day at The College aka Speed Dating for Job Interviews.  They invite school districts from around the region to interview potential teachers.  The majority of the schools are located in North Jersey.  When I sent my resume in a month ago, I really didn't even think that I would get an interview.  Not in an I suck way, but in a there's a 1000000 of mes and only thousands of school districts.  It's almost easier to become an Oscar winning actress than acquire a teaching job in NJ.

Since I found this news out I have been uncontrollably smiling and just feeling good!  I know that there is a slim chance that I will get one of these jobs but it's a nice way to start your weekend!  I feel like this is the beginning of the ball rolling on the course to employment!  Even getting an interview is an incredible feeling because it means that these districts saw something in me that they want to see again! They believe I can do it, they are validating my years of hard work, and I can't wait!  My interviews are in three weeks and I will be researching the districts like crazy until then!  There's always the fear when you start applying for jobs that no one will call you back.  At.  All.  It's a scary time right now with the economy and the always tumultuous teacher bashing that is happening now.  Even if I don't get one of these jobs I will get practice at interviewing and the realization that becoming a big girl teacher is coming to fruition.  After a grueling five year road to my Masters I'm ready to be done and teach!

Also, after basking in the glow of interview bliss, I began a great weekend!  My Pilates class is expanding to Saturdays!  YAY!  I love Pilates!  It's amazing to see how your body changes and gets stronger after classes.  It's an amazing total body workout and I always leave feeling totally zen and ready to take on the day.  It's a dorky thing to say but it's true!  My Pilates instructor is amazing!  Her class calms all of my Type-A craziness and centers me.  After class she knows that I indulge in some chocolate loving and this week she found me on the elliptical after class and handed me a Heath bar.  Does your Pilates instructor do that?  Didn't think so!

I also heard Let It Go on the radio!  Be still my beating heart!  Nothing perks up a Saturday quite like a little bit of Disney jams on mainstream radio!

I also made spaghetti squash today.  It was really good!  I was surprised at how filling it was!  I added a homemade sauce to it.  It was EVOO based with Italian seasonings, spinach, rosemary, garlic, tomatoes, and a little bit of mozzarella.  It was soooooo yummy!

food porn?!

Also, we're facing a Snow Day on Monday and you know what that means?!  Nutella waffles!

Sorry, this is food porn!

Since Lent starts Wednesday, I will be giving up sugar!  Sugar is my life source!  I am getting excited for this 40 day sugar detox!  But that means I'm going to employ Joey's mantra:  


I made a banana bread with chocolate chips, Deb made a vanilla pound cake which I promptly frosted with Nutella, and I've been drinking soda because I know I only have 3 days left!  I'm going to be an angry girl without my beloved sugar but I'm hoping this pulls me back on track so I'm not so addicted to the sweet stuff.  We'll see...

Anyway, happy weekend!



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