Friday, March 14, 2014


*read this in hushed tones*

Hi Everybody!

Happy Friday!  I hope it was filled with pizza sans meat like me.  Womp womp.  How come I only crave chicken and turkey on Fridays in Lent?  Does that happen to anyone else?  Nope?  Just me?  Okay then, moving on.

This was my first week in my fourth grade classroom!  I miss my little guys sooooo badly!  I've been able to sneak in seeing them here and there which is awesome.  It's amazing how much you miss your kids when you're no longer their teacher.  But I have a whole new crop of 4th graders who I can't wait to work with!  Let me tell you, 4th grade is no joke!  Wayyyy different than my previous room.  I'll explain more in a later post.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  (P.S. I should totally grab one of my 4th graders' graphic organizers to organize my thoughts into a coherent, singularly focuses piece, but oh well, this is my lil corner of the world and EEEES OK!)

I'll recap The Bachelor and my feelings on it laytah!

Ok, so once upon a time last Friday night, Jess and I were driving up to meet Cara for some din din and yoga, when we both turned to each other and said, "I wanna go to the Sara Evans' CD release party!"  So NSYNC we were practically Justin Timberlake's pointy bleached curly fro thang.  That in sync we were.  So we decided to go.  Only problem?  It was on a Tuesday night and we both have work in the morning.  Well, we decided to *shhhhhhh* go out on a school night.

Seriously, nothing makes me feel more like a grown up than going out on a school night.  Why?  Probably because I'm a goody two 77 shoes and don't like to break the rules.  Buuuuuuttttt, I mean if I didn't go, Jess would have to go by herself and therefore I wouldn't be a very good friend now would I?  No I would not.

So Tuesday off we went.  We had school so we didn't get to leave until 5:30.  The doors open at 7 and we were told to get there early or else it might sell out.  So we were apprehensive about not getting tickets, but we ended up being totally fine. We scored ourselves third row seats stands!  We waited for Ms. Evans to come out and met some...interesting people.  Country concerts attract, as Miss Miranda says, all kindsa kinds.

We met two women who we could not understand.  They were regulars at Deuces Wild.  They knew XTU's Crocket by name?  (This is always impressive to me for some reason.)  We couldn't tell how old they were, if they were married, if they had kids?  It's not really important if they were married or not, their conversation just bounced from their "baby" to "that guy's wife keeps grilling me, do you think she knows?" to "my husband".  HEADS. WERE. SPINNING.  But they volunteered to take our picture and we returned the favor so all in all they became our concert friends.  They also said, "Wouldn't it be funny if we wore Phillies hats to the Jason Aldean concert?  You know because it's at the Phillies' stadium?"  Yeaaahhhh....But they are the photogs behind THIS pic so you know...

We didn't intentionally match...

Next we met this guy:

He seriously kept his beer in his back pocket for the whole concert.  Also, he was talking about his wife, yet buying other pushy girls drinks?  Hmmmmm...

Then we met Crocodile Boots Man.

My foot looks super long here.  But I had to get that guy's boots!

Mine are the cute brown ones, his are the crocodile boots.  Someone's fancy!  He also had a shirt that Cam from Modern Family would wear.  Rolled cuffs with patterns and everything.  Commitment y'all!

Then, Ms. Evans came out and rocked the house!  I saw her two years ago when she was opening for Rascal Flatts and let me tell you she was great then, but this show was fabulous!  We were so close to her and she was amazing live.  Usually country artists are great live.  Except Rascal Flatts--don't waste your money.  Their show is an hour long...when they headline and they mash up all their hits.  Just...blah.  

Anyway, she brought her whole band and played for an hour.  For a small venue and album release, an hour set is appropriate!  She played all of her songs even the good old ones!  She even covered Bruno Mars' When I Was Your Man, but she sang it like me.  Let me explain.  I change the words to "You know he buys me flowers, and hold my hand.  Gives me all his hours when he can.  Takes me to every party because he knows how much I love to dance.  Does all the things you should have done when you were my man."  I just think this is a better version ;)  She also covered Pink's Just Give Me A Reason with her guitar player.  It was banging!  Then, she covered Everybody Talks To Much.  Also fantastico!

Jess--The Queen of Dance Pictures!
I love country singers for many reasons.  One is that they truly love their fans!  Sara signed cd's while she sang and even posed for a picture for me!  Yup, we were that close that she made eye contact with Jess and me!  I was trying to get a good nonblurry picture and she just looked at me (acknowledged my pain lol) and posed!  She's the best!  

Posing Just For Me!

Also, when I'm 43 I wanna be hot like her!  Girlfriend can rock it!  

*Side note* her cd is pink!  EEEK!!

Everyone needs this CD!  I haven't stopped jamming to it since I got it Tuesday
Her CD is amazing!  Jess and I always say that we relate to her jams because she seems to know just what we need to hear (Better Off) and gives us the best picture of love (Perfect).  Awesome CD!  Everyone needs a copy of Slow Me Down.  

Loving Sara Evans' Concert!



The concert ended around 9 and sometimes Jess and I look at each other and just know...Applebees?  
When we left the venue we decided it was Beach Weather!  In NJ there are two types of Beach Weather:

1) It is 8000000 degrees and you need to cool off.
2) It is 60 degrees, late at night, and you need to wear cutoffs, a sweatshirt, a messy bun, and Old Navy flip flops while waking the boards.  

Tonight was the latter.  But what do you do when you are not down the shore?  You roll your windows down like you're in a Keith Urban video with a supermodel and you jam to Slow Me Down.  About 20 minutes down the Schuylkill we decided we were freezing too eager and shut the windows ASAP!   

So we headed back to NJ and devoured some spinach dip and wings.  What?  It was half priced apps!  You get to eat two!?  Sound logic right there.

Anyway, when you go out on a school night you know the inevitable will happen.  You will be dog tired the next day.  Ironically I went to bed at 11 that night--a full hour earlier than usual--and still woke up feeling exhausted.

We Couldn't  Help Ourselves

I mean when you put it right're asking for it!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great week!  Any fun plans for the weekend?  I'm doing a mid-term...


Happy Weekend!


P.S.  I was super proud of my outfit that day. I love flowy tops over jeans with cowgirl boots!
Top/Necklace/Bracelet: LOFT
Jeans:  Jessica Simpson
Bag: Kate Spade
Boots: Ariat

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