Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When Saying Yes Leads To Volleyball...

Hey Hey Hey!

Happy Tuesday!  This is one of those weeks that is both dragging and flying!  I have a short week at ST because I have interviews Friday (EEK!) and we had a 2 hour delay yesterday because Jack Frost wasn't finished with NJ yet...Ya can be done now my frenemy.

Soooooooo, student teaching (ST) is interesting.  Full post on that later.  It's a complete 180 from my last placement and therefore bittersweet.  Anyway, today played out like this:

I'm a huge believer in saying yes to things that scare you or take you out of your comfort zone.  Most great things total disasters that then become silver linings in my life start as me being like, "OOOOOhhhh, a little uncomfortable.  Okay this isn't so bad.  ERMERGERD I LERVE IT!"  Today my friends was one of those days.  So the district I ST in has a Volley For Support Event every spring. Every year teachers from across the district compete in an elimination volleyball tourney.  My school is obviously participating but up until 8:22 am this morning I was not.  That is...until one of the fellow 4th grade teachers asked if I wanted to play because, "We could use the height."  I was secretly intrigued by the game and agreed.  Sometimes I channel my inner Bethenny Frankel and come from a place of yes.  Usually I say yes to things like the second piece of cake, glass of wine, random Girls' Nites etc, but this time I said yes to v-ball.

Here's a leeetle peek into my v-ball history:

Age 5- Builds sand castles in volleyball court at swim club.
Five minutes later-gets bored with sandcastles and plays on swings.
Age 8-joins 4th of July kids volleyball tourney at said swim club.
Five minutes later-misses the ball and quickly everyone learns I suck at volleyball.
6th grade-Volleyball comes to gym class.  I miss more than I hit.
7th grade-Volleyball, I've come to learn, is what gym teachers make you play in the winter because there is nothing else to do with middle schoolers.  I improve but still prefer to hang with my Blonde Mafia in the back.  (Yes, my gym friends and I were the Blonde Mafia because 2/3 of us were blonde and one was Italian...)
8th grade-Standing in the back row and refusing to actually play the sport makes me a pretty good server.  Ok, good enough to not be the impetus of groans when you stand in the fateful serving spot.
9th grade-Get an 100% on written Volleyball test.  YAYAY!
9th grade one day later-Permenantly plant self at serving position because that's all folks.  Got no other skills.
10th grade-Learning that bumping the ball is something I don't suck at.  Win!  100% on v-ball written test.
11th grade-I can hit it over head.  P.S. still rocking that 100% on the v-ball test.  Yes it's still the same test since the dawn of gym class time but a 100 is a 100 people.
12th grade-Didn't get picked last for v-ball because I don't suck at v-ball (aka baller server and bunting skills--HELLO!) and because most girls have fake nails and I'm au natural in the nail department!  *Welcome to NJ y'all!*
12th grade Spring-I join am forced to for service hours the NHS v-ball tourney with 5 other cheerleaders and we won 2 rounds before being eliminated!  Go us!

Age 23-Playing on the K. Elementary School charity v-ball team!  We had practice today and I did pretty well!  I'm pumped to play and will be sharing my *training* lolzlolzlolz with y'all as I go!  2 weeks til show time...errr--GAME TIME!  GOD ERIN YOUR DANCE/CHEERNESS IS SHOWING!  (I will never spike the ball because I love my nose too much)

Senior Year NHS V-Ball Tourney With My Cheer Friends!

For those of you wondering our theme was Let's Get Physical like the Olivia Newton John classic jam

*Our theme for cheer camp was also Let's Get Physical!*

Anyway, here's to a great week!  Happy Hump Day! *P.S. yes I still own the socks I'm rocking in that pic!  No I don't still sport the pig tails (mostly because they are a pain to get centered and even)*

Bump, Set, Spike,


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