Saturday, November 3, 2012

What I'm Obsessed With November 3, 2012 Edition

Very often, okay wayyyy too often I become obsessed with some youtube video and watch it on repeat.  Today I am obsessed with the video If Guys Were Like Girls.  This is a fantastic representation of how guys see girls.  And the scary part is that it is actually accurate!!  I love all parts of this video!  Brennica?  Who doesn’t love that name?  These boys are not far off with their satirical banter. The boys give us girls a clue into how we come across.  This reminds me of Andie Anderson’s How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days article.  I am just obsessed with this video because it is so funny and scarily accurate.  Is my life goal to be like the girls they are parodying?  No, quite literally the opposite; however, this is a fantastical Bering Strait between how girls see themselves and how boys see us.  It is equal parts hilarious, perfect, and fantastic!  Enjoy!

If Guys Were Like Girls

If Guys Were Like Girls II



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