Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Happy Poll People Are Half The Reason I VOTE

Happy Day After Election Day!!

Yesterday was the first time I was eligible to vote in a Presidential Election!!  I was so excited!  I've always been a huge fan of voting (literally I will vote in every election...fireman's, favorite color, mayoral, school board, etc.  Doesn't matter, I will vote) and since last time I missed the election by a month I was superpsyched when I got to go yesterday.  So after work yesterday morning I went to my old high school (not something I love doing, but it's my civic duty so I'll put my feelings about my alma mater aside #growth) and as I'm walking in one of my favorite teachers was leaving and said that I "as always looked like a class act!"  This made me so excited because a) I loved her class and consider it to be one of the most relevant classes I've ever taken b) I really liked my outfit yesterday.  Why did I like my outfit so much?  Well, God knows I love a theme, so my Election Day theme was...Modern Day Jacqueline Kennedy Votes As A 22 Year Old Girl From NJ. I achieved this in black Loft pants, nude flats, and a magenta cinched waist structured jacket.  Obsessed much?  Yes, but it resembles the coat she wore on Inauguration Day 1961!  

So now I'm walking into the cafeteria and I sign all the voting slips and get on line.  While standing in the patriotic queue, I begin to wonder why I do not have to show ID to vote.  Granted, my hometown is insanely small and everybody knows everybody else so if someone came in and tried to pose as somebody else no one would believe them.  (This mostly stems from the fact that not only is a greater majority of my town related to each other, but the fact that feuds/friendships run generations deep)  But if I lived in a bigger town or if I was new to the area and voting precinct, why wouldn't anyone check my ID?

After I push identity theft out my brain the magnitude of what I'm about to do finally sets in.  Since I am in college I obviously could have mailed in my ballot but something about being in the high school cafeteria heightens the weight of what I'm about to do.  I LOVED the atmosphere.  Everyone voting and partaking in their right as Americans...LOVED it!  As I'm standing on line with a hugely dorky grin on my face, I begin to realize what an awesome and rare experience I am about to partake in.  I have the opportunity to exercise MY opinion as to who I think should be the leader of the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH!  My opinion!  I was overcome with a great sense of responsible and pride because I know so many people across the globe do not have and will never have the opportunity to vote.  I'm most definitely not a feminist (well...mostly not) but I do very much feel lucky and blessed to have the opportunity as a woman to vote.  I know so many other women would KILL to have half/quarter/smidgen of the opportunities that I have being an American woman and therefore I vote for them.  I vote for the women who will never get the opportunity to vote.  I vote for the women who risked their lives, reputations, families, jobs, everything, to avail me with the right to vote.  I vote for all the people who have lost their lives in the pursuit of being able to have their voices heard via vote.  I vote for all our armed forces members who have died for my right to vote.  I vote because I care about my country.  I vote because I CAN!  I have that right and responsibility to do so.  

So as I'm standing in the voting booth, I proudly made my selection.  (Did I love either candidate whole heartedly?  No, but I did agree with one candidate more than the other)  Even though I am a registered Independent (and strong McCain supporter in 2008) I voted for President Obama.  I like him as a person and I think he is doing the best he can with the cards he was dealt.  I read a funny meme the other day that said, "Re-electing President Obama is like resurrecting the Titanic and hitting the iceberg all over again.  Electing Romney is like resurrecting the Titanic and hitting a new iceberg"  I actually really laughed at that and I thought it was a pretty accurate portrayal of the current candidates. 

Also, I voted for my dad for school board!  And congrats Daddy on winning!  I'm so proud of you and I know that you will do a great job!  My dad is one of those people who is always fair and can see the bigger picture.  As a high school senior I was the student representative to the BOE and therefore, I as a previous Board member, endorse my dad and can say he will do a very good job!

Anyway, regardless of political leaning I really am a huge believer in voting.  Vote because you can!  This is your country and you should vote.  You have the right and the responsibility to do so.  Vote because not everyone in the world can.  Vote because someone (a lot of people) don't have the right to. Vote because you deserve to be heard.  Make a difference.  Do good.  Also, on a cynical note, there is nothing I hate more than people who run their mouths about politicians and then DON'T VOTE!  If you're not going to vote, don't complain!  You had your chance to make a difference and you did not.  So shhhhhh!  

Now I'm going to take a moment to thank all of the positive poll people!  Aren't they so freakin' cute?  I can't wait to be an old person because they're just so cute and funny!  I love old people!  Maybe because my Gramma and Mom Mom were such a huge part of my life, but I've always felt a very strong affinity towards the elderly.  They are just hilarious and awesome.  They also steal jellies/sugar packets/napkins/plastic utensils from diners and restaurants and let's be honest, that's one of my strongest qualities, too.  So in short, my favorite non seismic part of Election Day is the Precious Poll People!  How cute are they?  When I retire I am going to be one of those Dunkin' Donuts Box O' Joe fueled, patriotic, white haired wonders!  They are the sweetest people ever!  I am going to say  "Hi Honey!  What's your name?  Thanks for voting!"  or "It's so good to see young people come out and vote!"  Gahhhh I just love them!  They have the best job.  I will probably not even mind waking up at 5  am to take the line of curlers out of my white hair and dab on my hot pink lipstick and meet my other fabulous twilight year friends (because I'm so not a morning person) because I'll be so excited to live out one of my greatest dreams!  I just really want to do this.  Obviously I will be a fabulous old lady who will perform all of her stereotypical old lady rituals/habits/routines/rights but I'm gonna rock the vote even in my rocker!  I'm gonna flirt with all the other old single men and rock my tan velcro sneakers like no other! 

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”-John Quincy Adams

Peace. Love. Democracy.



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