Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday Success Story

If anyone had any doubts Black Friday was a huge success!!

     I have been doing Black Friday shopping for a very long time and I have contingency plan.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I went to the mall and hid all of the things I planned to buy.  I tried on all of the things I wanted to buy on Wednesday at my pre-shop to ensure proper fit.  I do this at 9:50, 10 minutes before the store closes!  I know that none of the sales staff is going to readjust the store the day before madness starts!  Thanksgiving Night was capped off with pie and changing into my traditional Black Friday outfit:  jeans, black turtleneck, Uggs, and a white puffy vest.  So my dad and I arrive at the mall at 11:50 pm.  T-10 mins til showtime!  We join the other Varsity Level Shoppers outside of Macy*s.  The energy was high, the people were all psyched, and ready to go!  A random man came up to a woman standing near us, "Hey,  what's going on here?  Why are all the people standing here?" She looked at him and said,"It's NJ.  It's Black Friday.  The mall opens at 12."  He just nodded and walked away.  We were at a mall people!  Not just a random store in a city.  No.  A mall.  In a small town.  Why was he here if he didn't know...So now the Macy*s workers open the door and people start moving...slowly.  I am bouncing off the ceilings with excitement to get in and people are taking their sweet time!  Knees to Chest People!  Knees To Chest!  So I dodge and weave my way past the Sunday Strollers and grab my stowed prize...Black Jeggins.  I know...Dream Big!  And guess what?!  I was the first purchase at the mall!  Woo hoo!  The saleslady was like "Whoa, you know what you're doing!  That was so fast!"  I was like yep I was here on Wednesday getting the lay of the land.  So I dash upstairs and buy a faux camel leather jacket.  Super cute!  In love!  Then I got two bracelets from LOFT.  Really chunky, cute, bright pieces.  I love them.  They're the perfect chunky.  They're the Goldilocks of bracelets:  not too big, not too small.  Now it's time to go home and prep for round two.  I don't have a death wish so I will not be going to Target until 10 am on Friday.  So at 9 am I make my second rounds at the mall picking up some tops.  Then, I head to Target and buy...guess...CHRISTMAS MUSIC!  I need help.  I really do.  It's a sickness!  I bought Sugarland's Gold & White.  Then I bought Toby Keith's Hope On The Rocks.  So I had a jam sesh all the way home.

     I also have this belief that whenever you go to the mall for Christmas shopping you have to buy a present for a child who is in need.  Christmas was always a huge deal in my house and my brother and I are incredibly spoiled.  So I bought a game for my KDP toy drive.  I love buying games because I think they promote cognitive skills, teamwork, social skills, fine motor skills, and they're awesomely fun!  My family was always more like the Geller family in the sense that we were never allowed to play games because we were are too competitive!  Seriously in our house the LIFE game pieces are all bent because we'd fight over them.

      So long story short, I accomplished a lot and I had so much fun.  This is one of the highlights of my year!

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