Friday, November 2, 2012

Christmas Is Coming...In One Month and 22 Days!

You will notice that today's post is written in red and green because....Christmas is in ONE MONTH AND 22 DAYS!!

So my obsession with Christmas has only infinitely progressed since 1 pm today!  Why do you ask?  Because I bought Christmas JAMS!!  Being a December Baby I always had an extra-special relationship with Christmas.  December is a big month in my house because both my brother and I are December babies!  (Dylan's the 9th and I'm the 14th)  Then, just when you get a chance to breathe it is suddenly Christmas Adam (a term I copped from my friend ie Christmas Adam is the day before Christmas Eve #ChristianityHumor, then Christmas Eve (spending the day primping and eating hors d'oeuvres, having your hair still not come out right even though you've spent wayyyyy longer than usual on it/Church (at 3:15 for the 5 pm mass as to not get a bad seat/then Red Lobster for dinner (see future posts for Kitley family traditions)/Then more eating at my Aunt's house/wrapping gifts/watching 24 hours straight of A Christmas Story) then finally, it's Jesus' Birthday!!  Followed by December 26th sales, and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!!  Whaaaaat a great month!  

Anyway, today I went to Target.  Why did I end up at Target?  Oh I don't know, because it's a day that ends in y?  Well anyway,  I LOVE Target!  And today I was like hmmm, I'm in the mood for some new music so I wander over to the music section and BAM just like the opening scene in A Christmas Story I am awestruck by the glittering, sparkling, awe-inducing display of Christmas Jams on sale!!  Literally, NSYNC, Luther, Amy, Rudolph, and Kidz Bop, you name it they had it...and they were each marked below $8!!  SCCCCOOOREE!!  There is nothing I love more than clearanced priced things at Target.  Some of my best purchases were made on Target Clearance Section!  So after much debating...and literally verbalizing out loud "No Erin, put down the cd's" I managed to walk away with three new Christmas Jam CDs!  I settled on Dolly and Kenny (because I love her so much), Brad Paisley (because I love him so much), and Rudolph... wait for it...The Burl Ives edition!  I hit the jackpot!  And my total at the register was $18.75!! #Winning!!  So as the saleslady attempted to hand me my bag of awesome, I beat her to it!  I literally grabbed the bag and was like "THANKYOUSOOOOMUCHHAVEAGREATDAY!"  ALL one word because I was that pumped!  So soon as I got to my car, barely containing my excitement, (I didn't open them in the store because people would no doubt think I was stealing because of my shaking hands) I ripped open the Dolly and Kenny Christmas CD and ejected Taylor Swift's RED (sorry Tay but you get it...your a fellow December baby) and jammed the whole drive home!  My mood was literally elevated from its usual jaunty 7 caliber self to 45!  I was like Kristen Bell and a sloth!  I was that excited!  I had big plans to go to the gym tonight for some cardio but now, I think I'm much more in the mood for watching Elf and doing weights...a fair trade I think!  *And then we're gonna make snow angels*  #becauseIhadtoandit'smyblogsoIcan  

Christmas can't come soon enough!  On Tuesday I will start buying Christmas presents and I will be one big mess from then on out!  If you find me dressed as an elf passing out candy know who to call

xoxo AND ho ho ho


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