Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thoughts of Summer!!

Happy Hump Day!!

Today is a great day in the history of Erin.  Why?  Oh many many reasons!

1.)  It was a 2 hour delay so I got to sleep in!  Thank you winter.

2.)  My class was cancelled tonight!  Thank you again winter!  Girls' Nite was supposed to be made up tonight but alas, it was cancelled.  Don't cry too hard because we've already rescheduled for next week.  Phew!

3.)  My roomie from college is coming to sleep over because she currently doesn't have power.  Sad about the no power but happy about the roomie reunion and and impromptu dinner plans

4.)  It's Wednesday!  My most favorite television night ever.  This is not sad and pathetic this is awesome!

  • 8 pm-The Middle the most underrated tv show on the air now.
  • 8:30 pm-OFF (aka cruise the channels searching for Modern Family) I came too late to this party but I am a fan!
  • 9 pm-Criminal Minds daily dose of psychopaths.  Everyone needs that...if only to make yourself feel normal
  • 10 pm-Nashville  Just a great show about country music!  What could be better!?
5.)  Speaking of country music...WE GOT THE MEGATICKET AGAIN!!  That means this girl and Kate and Jess will be grooving and jamming to a few of my friends all summer long!

Have you met Luke?












I thought you might know them <3  This is my favorite time of year!  You can also bet your bottom dollar that I already wrote these dates down in my Lilly P planner.  Can't double book my summer!  Kate and I have gone the past few years and this year we're excited to add Jess to our country cutie jam sesh!  Is it bad that I'm already planning my outfits?  Yes/No/Maybe?  Cowboy boots and cut-offs?

Jess and me Blue Steeling before the show

Kate and me selfie-ing it up before the always eventful train ride!

All the girls at Blake!

6.)  Speaking of jam sesh...Deb and some of her friends from work got Bruno Mars tickets today too!  Deb got me at ticket, too, just because she's the best Deb that ever lived.  

7.)  Also, I got my Phillies tickets for the season!  So more Daddy Daughter Phillies dates!

The time we lived large and sat 3 rows behind home plate!

It's going to be one music and baseball filled summer and I wouldn't have it any other way!  So now all this winter nonsense can slip away so I can jam out and cheer on my Phils with warm weather and the Philly skyline as my backdrop!

Beautiful CBP!

The best mascot in MLB

Da Bell!

Keep thinking those warm thoughts!



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