Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Brain Ninjas

Hey Y'all!

How was your Tuesday?  Mine was fab because I had a two hour delay.  Teacher Win!

Today I got to thinking about Brain Ninjas.  Did you watch the Dane Cook Brain Ninja bit?  If you haven't call 2005 and ask for a refund.  Or just click here to watch it.  I'll wait while you watch it.

 In a nutshell, Dane Cook says that women are Brain Ninjas because they say things to you that will seem so insignificant but then fester in your brain like little Brain Ninjas until they explode into fruition.  Did you ever have that?  A little bit of advice that haunts you?  I like to think they are God's little messages to help remind you of the important things in life.

I'm going to tell you some of my recent and not so recent Brain Ninjas.

1.) Just wait!  One day you'll meet someone who doesn't care at all and you'll regret what you're saying.  

Okay, let me explain.  My senior year of high school I had a puppy.  A puppy is a guy that cares wayyyyyyy more about you than you care about him.  He will always call when he says he will (and 5 more times until you pick up) just to see how your day went, he will be overly concerned about your day/family/friends/tests/school/etc, and he will want to be involved in everything.  He's great on paper but you just have no zsa zsa zsu.

Preach it Carrie
So I ended it.  I went to my cousin's wedding that weekend and I was recounting my failed relationships to one of my favorite cousins-in-law and she said this Brain Ninja!  It has haunted me ever since!  Every time I have dated someone who didn't care at all (I regretfully tell you this has happened wayyyyy more than I should allow it) I hear her voice ringing in my little blonde head.

2.) Don't let them in your classroom.

This was said by one of the advisors on a student teacher panel I went to last week.  The woman said to keep your phone away all day.  She said that by letting too much/too many outside people enter your classroom via texting, calling, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will cause you to lose focus.  Think of your classroom like your very own Superman's Fortress of Solitude...do you think I'm a dork yet?  Your focus is now divided not only by 25 little sweethearts but now you've added someone else and their troubles to your day.  You need to bar anyone but your kiddos from being in your classroom.  I used to let "outside people" into my classroom all the time.  I'd check my texts on my prep and during lunch.  Once I let someone into my classroom and ended up crying like a baby in my classroom.  I read that text during my prep and it destroyed me.  I ended up crying during my prep (don't worry I turned myself around in the chair and dried my eyes before my students came back...no see, no foul right?) not my proudest moment, and then feeling like a pathetic loser.  Again, Sex and the City told us that you can't cry at work because Charlotte cried once and remember what happened to her?  She became known as the crier.  So this past week I have not checked my phone until I have officially left for the day and am in my car.  I have a new found sense of clarity and focus.  I don't let anyone, not even my besties and their plans for us for this weekend, infiltrate my fortress of solitude.

3.)  If you have chemistry, you only need one thing...and that's timing.  And timing is a *%^@$.

Yeah, I cleaned that bad boy up for you.  It's from How I Met Your Mother and like all things TV related it is true and fact in Erinland.  I like to think that God has a special plan for all of us.  He will send us people that would be/should be/could be perfect for us but the timing is wrong.  Maybe we will reunite when the timing is right?  Maybe we won't?  Maybe we have someone even better (fingers crossed :)) waiting for the perfect timing.


Oh hey Chris Evans!  When did you get here?

4.)  Don't eat yellow snow.


5.)  If you forget just follow along and keep dancing.

This little pearl of wisdom was dispensed by my dance teacher.  I was bad at tap.  Like really bad at tap. Like GOD AWFUL!

I just couldn't remember any of it.  Irony is that I tapped the longest of any dance style.  I'm just bad.  I only did tap because my friends were in it and the costumes were to die for!  And this was how my dance teacher told me to remedy the tap situation.  Just keep dancing even if you forget.  This is excellent advice and I use across life settings.  I use this when I feel like I don't have a clue what is going on in my life but I know that I have to keep moving.

6.)  You sometimes don't get to stand in the front for every dance.  

This is another dance pearl of wisdom.  In dance I liked being an attention hog.  (Except tap as previously noted)  I felt that since I was a senior I deserved to be in the front for every dance.  Well, my dance teacher told me that I didn't get to stand in the front for every dance.  Sometimes you have to be on the second line (jazz) or the wayyyyy back and far left (tap ;) )  For the record, in tap I always found my way to the back...Sometimes you are not going to excel in every area of your life and that's ok.  This is a lesson I need to learn because my Type-A self doesn't get that.  You're not going to be the best at everything and the sooner you accept it the better.  Sometimes you have to realize that other people are better than you at certain things.  Sometimes it's better that you are not in the front--like me and tap!

These are just my little Brain Ninjas.  What are yours?  I think that sometimes we all need to reflect on our Brain Ninjas to help us navigate our lives.  They remind us to listen to the little voices in our head that direct us to better ourselves.

Fingers Crossed for a Two Hour Delay tomorrow!!



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