Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Night The Lights Went Out In PA

Hey Everyone!

I've been MIA because of student teaching.  It's going really well!  It's tough.  It's hard.  It's messy.  Very messy.  Yesterday I wore boogies, saliva, shaving cream, yogurt, and juice...with a side of pants.  P.S. none of the bodily fluids were mine.  But I love love love my kids and my placement.  I'm going to miss them when I leave in 3 weeks!  Three weeks is all I have left with my kiddos.  I don't like that one little bit!  After that I'm off to fourth grade and as my fourth grade teacher so eloquently read us Fourth Grade Can Only Kill You.  JK I'm psyched for fourth grade!  I'm just happy I get to be student teaching.  It's a strange feeling knowing your dream is only 2.5 months away.

On that wistful note, I got my invitation to graduation.


It honestly does feel like I just started school.  But then I quickly remember all of the tests, papers, exams, projects, lesson plans, practicums, observations, and stress and I go who am I kidding I'm ready to be donezo!

Anyway, NJ is facing record breaking snow...this phrase has been said more times than Chris Harrison has said Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony.  EHHVERRR.  And you know what?  I'm loving it!  These are my last snNOwconsequence days.  See as a student teacher, you don't have to make up the snow days.  Why?  Because my district has a locked in Easter Break (which is the week of Passover aka I can sub that week!  I'm a much better human when I work) and I won't be there at the end of the school year for the additional days.  See?  SNOwconsequences!  It's da bestest!  

Speaking of Bestests, last week my roomie Ra called to see if she could stay at Casa de Kitley because her apartment didn't have power.  My answer?! 


See Ra and me go together like peez and carraaats!  You may be wondering why my roomie wanted to stay with me if we are infact roomies wouldn't logic dictate that we live together?  Well, my friends it would.  But let me explain.  Ra and I lived together for pretty much 4 years of college. We technically lived together soph and senior year, but freshman year we spent every day together and lived down the hall so that technically counts and junior year she came over 3 times a week so that counts, too.  College roomies hold a special place in your heart and Ra is not just my bestie, she's my roomie!  Also, if autocorrect keeps changing roomie to rookie I'm gonna freak out!  

Anyway, Ra came over and since she's practically part of my family Deb and Daddy were pumped, too!  Ra and I went to Panera and then gossiped and were our usual 6 year old selves.  Ra also got to watch our Wednesday line up with us...lucky girl.  

The next day I said bye to Ra (so sad) and told her if her power was still out that she should drive her little self right back to our house!  She agreed.  And guess what? PECO couldn't make the PECO POWER PLAY and Ra came back!  So she got to join in our dance party (Deb declared Timber her new favorite song) and we all ate about 50 Wegman's chocolate chip cookies.  See, I made cookies for Ra and Ra brought cookies.  We are soul mates.  


Not that Ra and I have plotted any deaths...

So she came back over and we ate all the cookies and the pizza and then chatted with Deb and then we went to sleep.  When we woke up (Ra also knows the rules of Erin when waking up...because Ra has rules of waking up, too.  Our rules are the same aka why we lasted as roomies!)

The Rules Are:
So Ra had to get up superduper early and go to her student teaching placement-like 5 am early.  That time doesn't exist on the Erin International Time Scale.  I sleepily said bye bye to Ra and then woke up at 6:30 and realized I was a sad bunny because my roomie was gone.  Sad but happy that there were two spontaneous Sleepovers filled with fun, gossip, carbs, sugar, and wine.  

So PA, if you wanna lose power again???  I won't stand in your way.  Because then Ra can come back!!!!



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