Sunday, September 29, 2013

Things I Find More Offensive (Should be Unconstitutional) Than Marriage Equality


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  So NJ is going to allow Marriage Equality?!   

     FIIIIIIINNNNAAAALLLEEEEYYYYY!  Congrats to all of my friends who are finally able to marry their loves!  I'm so excited for you and your families!  I've never written a politically charged post before but this one will be (kinda...but still funny)!  I think that marriage should be between two people who love each other.  Love is the same regardless of gender/sex.  As a 20 something who has been on her fair share of bad, listless, and some good (obvi) dates, I understand that love is hard to find!  It is a miracle that you find someone who loves you enough to legally bind themselves to you FOORRR EEHHHVER.  (The Sandlot reference, thankyaverymuch!)  If and when you are blessed enough to find this, I think that you should be able to marry them.  My personal feelings are that marriage is not and should not be judged by politicians in Trenton or D.C.  Let's be completely honest and real here, politicians do not have perfect marriages (or even faithful ones) does anyone else's marriage really affect theirs or anyone else's daily lives?  They don't.  

     Below I have compiled a list of things that I find more offensive, therefore should be unconstitutional, than marriage equality.  (These are done in no particular order)  This is simply a list of things politicians may want to direct their efforts towards instead of attacking love.

1.)  Crocs on adults.  
2.) Homeless Veterans- No one who has EVER served our country should be homeless, hungry, thirsty, uncared for.  That is unAmerican.  
3.) Papelbon losing a lead.
4.) Cheating on your spouse.
5.) Politicians making laws about education.
6.) Children going hungry at school.
7.) Abuse.
8.) No parking at the Ed building.
9.) Macy's coupons not allowing you to buy ANYTHING because they are all listed on the *Exclusions* category.
10.) Girls who wear make up at the gym.
11.) Bad pick up lines...or any pick up lines...just leave them at home.
12.) Real Housewives of NJ not being On Demand.
13.) Insurance companies denying parents of students with disabilities access to Augmentative Communication Devices.
14.) Chocolate should be free.
15.) Fresh fruits, veggies, and lean protein should be available to all people.  From living in Trenton I can attest to the fact that Shop Rite's in cities do NOT receive the same level of fresh fruits, veggies, and other produce.  These foods are NOT as fresh/healthy/eatable as their suburban counterparts.  NOT fair!  Multiple times I would cut into an apple or pear and it was deeeesgusting! 
16.) TCNJ accepting blecky guys.
17.) Guys who don't pay on dates.
18.) People who don't teach their sons to open doors for ladies.
19.) Crop Tops.  They just look trashy...even on skinny minnies.
20.) 22 year olds are not welcome in the Bouncy Castle at Fall Festivals!  This is an injustice...can't a girl just bounce?!  Included in this category:  not being allowed to order Children's Meals and ride ponies.
21.) People who diss teachers
22.) Minimum wage is tooooooo low!
23.) Abuse of power.
24.) People with el zippo sense of humor.
25.) People who pretend that they don't know (but they know) that they are cutting the line.  We're on to you!
26.) People who oppose equal rights for women.
27.) People who use too much hair gel.
28.) People who judge others at the gym...this is a place where people are working on themselves...this should be a welcoming place!
29.) Girls who dress up in maxi dresses for sporting events.  Just STAAAP!
30.) Negative Nancies and Nathans.
31.) That pumpkin flavored things can only be purchased between September and December.  People NEED pumpkin in the summer!
32.) Racism--especially when people freak out about a Cheerios commercial...Love is love people!
33.) Not having adequate access to literature and books.  
34.) Sending American jobs overseas.
35.) People who don't support our troops.  
36.) People who judge those holding car concerts...
37.) Cutting coupons...just put it in the computer...or let me show the email equivalent...Let's be GREEN!
38.) Keeping a minimum balance in my checking account.  It's my money!  If I want to have $3.38 in my account that's my beeeznisss!  
39.) $12.50 movie tickets...come on you can buy the movie for $25...
40.) Cyberbullying.
41.) The R-Word.

I do not own the rights to this picture.  I do own the rights to thinking it's haaaalareeeus!

This is just a simple list of things that would be better outlets for politicians' frustrations.  The world is an ever changing place full of all kinds of kinds (Miranda Lambert ladies and gents) and we need to accept people for who they are and what they want to be.  Remember, only 100 years ago women were not allowed the right to vote, people of "color" aka anyone who was not a WASP was not allowed to own property, vote, hold certain military ranks, interracial marriage, hold certain jobs, be elected to public office.  These sound ridiculous now.  Also, Kim Kardashian was married for oh a hot minute and that marriage was more of an "offense to marriage" than any marriage between gay Americans that I have ever seen.  

I hope y'all have a blessed Sunday,


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  1. I could not agree more with you on SO many of those!