Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sparkly Sweatshirts and Rally Caps!


Yesterday was a bittersweet kinda day.  It started off superfun with my Zumba Tone and Total Body Blast (definitely sore today) classes, then we went to my cousins' 5th birthday party, then phinally it was off to the phinal Phils game of the season phor my phather and me.  Did I get too carried away with the ph substitution for f?  Sorrynotsorry!

Pregame Selfie of Dad & Me!
For the past few years we have gotten my dad a 6 pack of Phillies season tickets for Father's Day/his birthday and since my brother goes to school 5 hours away and Deb is not a big fan of sitting in the heat for any reason, I usually get to go to most of the games.  Phine by me!  (last time I promise :)) Welp, last night was the last one in our pack :(  Since I was full from the party food (Chik-fil-a+cake+pizza+dips=DALISH!) we opted to go to our favorite Philly spot Geno's for steaks (dad) and fries (me).  (I don't understand people who don't love Geno's.  Jim's?  Pat's?  GO HOME!)  The Phils played the Braves and WON!!!!!  Why did the Phillies win?  Oh, I don't know, maybe because we wore our Rally Caps?!  (Technically Freddy Galvis won the game with his amazing solo, walk-off, home run, but I think we contributed to the win too!)

Rally Caps!  They worked!

Phillies swarming Freddy Galvis!

My Throwback Rally Cap!

It was a great day to be a Phillies Phan!  Win against the 1st place Braves?  I'll take it!  Ironically we were sitting in the same seats we sat in during our first Phils game this year (4 months ago...that seems like eons ago) when it was brrrrrrrcold!  A nice way to book end the season!  I'm pumped for next season and can't wait to cheer on my boys next season!  Can it be April yet?!

Shifting gears, I am going to be starting my practicum (partial student teaching) very soon.  So what is a fashion obsessed Jersey Girl to do?  SHOPPING <3  Recently I have been obsessed with this baseball hat from J Crew's fall collection:

I WANT IT SO BAD!!  I'm also loving all of the sparkly sequins on casual wear!  What a fun way to liven up winter?  However, this hat (while looking like something even I could make from Pinterest) is super duper pricey!  So, I have found some budget friendly alternatives.  Here is what I found today that I can't wait to pair with skirts, pants, skinnies, and maybe even shorts!  God, I sound like Monica and her boots!

Old Navy Raglan Embellished Sweatshirt

How obsessed are we?!  EEK!  I can't wait to wear it (although that does mean colder weather...) because not only is it more than comfy, it's cute!!  I don't know about you but I like being cozy but still looking cute and I hate having to pick between the two.  (Given the choice, I always pick cute)  This is just a problem solver!  It's like wearing fancy jammie bottoms!  Who doesn't love that?!  I can't wait to show you what I pair it with!


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