Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vineyard Vignettes

Bonjourno Amicis!  

     This past weekend I went to a wine festivale!  Did I go to Napa? No.  Did I go to Italia Wine Country?'re close though...Did I go to Burgundy? passport needed!  I went to Shamong...yup right in the heart of South Jersey!  Mia famiglia went to Valenzano Winery for their 2013 Wine Fest.  Let me tell you this was the BEST IDEA EVER!  Who would have guessed that 25 minutes from my quiet suburban abitazione would be the coolest, chicest little vineyard?!  

     My brother works at the local liquor store in our town and we have gone to wine tastings there.  We were familiar with the Valenzano brand and have had some sangria from them before.  It was always really really good and definitely a staple at our summer parties.  Let me tell you it's DALISH!

     So Saturday we all went to the vineyard as a fundraiser for my dad's friend's charity.  I wanted to dress in theme so I had to had to had to buy a wine colored cami.  (And you thought I was kidding about hearting themes :))  I paired it with my fav Jessica Simpson skinnies, my cowboy boots, a loose belt, and something I got on sale at Gap a few years ago that can only be described as a long, flowy, cream colored, mullet vest.  It's party in the front and business in the back.  It's fabulous but I never know what to wear it I found this vest's calling.  I guess I'll need to go to more Vine Fests to fully let the vest show it's potential ;)

     So when you walk in, you are handed a wine glass with the Valenzano V emblazoned on it.  Then you step into what can only be described as pure wine lovers' goodies heaven!  There were tons of vendors who were selling wine accessories!  Wine accessories include (but are not limited to) wine koozies, wine glass slings, wine openers, glasses (my fav chic option-stemless-was in full abundance)  bottle covers, bottle accessories, wine themed tees, tanks, and hats.  The list goes on and on!  Deb bought a wine tasting sling.  I love it!  It has cute little grapes on it...FAB!

     Now for the wine...drum roll please....HOLY GOODNESS!  There were about 8 other NJ vendors besides Valenzano Winery there.  Every kinda wine you could imagine was there for us to sample!  Reds, whites, roses...EVERYTHING!  My personal faves:  Valenzano Red, White, & Blue Sangria, Valenzano's Blueberry wine (don't judge), and Valenzano's Apple Cider wine!  These wines are truly the liquid emobiment of September/October in New Jersey!  They taste like what I think fall tastes like: fresh, crisp, cozy, and appley!  Absolutely daVINE!  One of the nonValenzano wine guys was tres rude!  He messed up and poured the wrong type of wine in my glass, then grabbed the cup and poured it out on the ground when he realized his mistake.  (I didn't ask him to do that...I would have drank it)  Then he REFUSED TO SERVE US!  He wouldn't give us any samples!  With a quick eye roll we were off to some friendly vendors.  I did score some extra Valenzano Red, White, & Blue Sangria from a cutey at the Valenzano tent...hey, I'm not going to deny a little extra Sangria...that would be rude ;)

    On top of the wine festivities there were helicopter rides, pony rides (only for kids though...NOT FAIR) other craft vendors, food trucks, and lots  I was shocked at how many kids were here. I wouldn't bring my kids here because there was nothing for them to do...So they ran around and screamed.  They were kids, what did I expect?  I really thought this was going to be a 21 and older event....WRONGO!

     All I can say is that I think this should become a yearly event for us!  We left with two bottles of Valenzano vino and a whole list of Valenzano wines to try at Canal's next time we go.  P.S. you could eat the grapes off the vines...AMAZEBALLS!

Some Photos:

Wine themed outfit:
Skinnies: Jessica Simpson
Boots: Ariat
Cami: Loft
Vest: Gap
Sungalsses:  Gucci
Purse: Kate Spade
Braclet: Lia Sophia
Ring & Earrings: Tiffanys

Deb, Dad, and me in front of the wine bottle!

Random Shakespearean Actors...why not!?

Dad & Grapes

Grapes and me!

Deb, grapes, and her wine sling!




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