Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Every Mile A Memory

Happy Hump Day!

How is mid week going for everyone?  Everything is peachy over in my corner of the world.  Some exciting things have been happening to this girl!

I was one of the lucky Broad Street Run lottery winners!  I'll be running with 40,000 of my closest friends in the Philadlephia Broad Street Run on May 1, 2016!  I applied for it about a week ago and was trying to go into it with zero expectations.  Every year this run gets bigger and bigger and thus, more and more people don't get selected for the lottery.  I tried to be optimistic and realized that there are still 40,000 OPEN spots.  One of them was bound to go to me, right?  RIGHT!!

Monday morning I saw the email in my inbox and I quickly read the yada yada yadas and went...


This is the largest 10 mile run in the country and to say that I'm excited is a gross understatement.  I always find that signing up for new races invigorates me and breathes new life into my workout routine.  

So this girl is back in training :)  Thank you NJ weather for being weird and awkward, but allowing me to get a slow as molasses 5 miler in today.  

Why was the run awkward?  Well, let's recap the NJ weather shall we?  This weekend was the coldest day in years...9 degrees for the win/loss depending on how you wanna see it.  BUT today was one of the warmest!  It was 57!?  So yesterday at 5 am when I began my run, I encountered a weird terrain...snow, slush, ice, and normal.  Well this resulted in me running like this:

It was purrrty!  I almost slipped nine times!  I should have turned around, but alas I was a determined little runner.  Plus it was 5:10 am and I was already a schweaty betty so I'd have to shower and thus not be able to sleep anyway.  It was moo.  

Gotta love Joey!

Speaking of Joey and all things Friends, have you seen this?  It's dead on!

Also, today FB granted me this little gem and I felt the need to share it.

This little gem is a fossil from Ra and my roomie experience in Decker Hall at (if you can't tell) TCNJ.  This was our favorite year in college.  So many fun memories (we actually had a full day of classes together woot woot!), our first practicums, and our first WaWa Wednesday/Italian Food Thursday, and midnight rides through Princeton/PA/random locations.  We look like babies in this pic!  We were 20!  INSANE that was 5 years ago!  

We used to match at least once a week...not on purpose!  4 days a week our sophomore year we had opposite wake up schedules (she had 8 ams on the days I had 10 ams and vice versa) and we would inevitably match at least once a week.  It wasn't like jeans a TCNJ hoodie (P.S. no one wears TCNJ gear AT ALL on campus after freshman week freshman year.  This pic was a joke with our school spirit) no, no.  It would be obscure things.  I had a yellow floral dress and she would wear a yellow shirt with a white skirt.  Or we'd both wear black shirts and matching scarves with jeans and Uggs.  Very 2010, Very Sears Family Portrait Studio.  

Also, dontcha just love the pose I'm rocking?  Arched back, popped knee, had on hip,  head tilted...yup, can you tell I was a high school cheerleader?

Anyway, anyone else going to be running Broad Street this May?!  P.S. Did anyone else sign up in anticipation of acquiring a new running outfit?  TBH I always start planning my race day outfit as soon as I hit submit :)  Dorky?  Duh!  

I hope everyone has a happy Wednesday and know the weekend is coming!



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