Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hey Y'all!

Happy OXYMORON DAY!  aka Happy Monday...

Did everyone have a good Super Bowl Sunday?  I thought the game and commercials were kinda meh this year.  I liked Ryanville, though.  I would live there :)

Half-Time was pretty good.  I'm not a huge Coldplay fan so I was pretty much just waiting for Queen B to come to the field.  She killed it like always.  I was kinda sad that Bruno didn't jam out to Crazy In Love.  But a girl can dream right?

The famsquad and I kinda hung low at our house for the game.  I made a daaaalish pulled chicken recipe:

1 pound organic chicken breast (cut into chunks)
1 jar Wegman's Sesame and Garlic sauce
10 hours in the CrockPot

It tasted like healthy sesame garlic wings!

After 10 hours the chicken cut like buttah so I just pulled it apart with a fork and tossed it over some broccoli.  Twas yummy and much healthier than wings just saying.

This weekend was a whirlwind!  I think that when I become superintendent I will make a mandatory 2 hour delayed opening the day after the Super Bowl...because let's admit it, we all need some extra zzzz's.

Friday was fabulous because my school hosted it's annual Souper Bowl.  Souper Bowl means that all of the staff members bring in either a soup, bread, or dessert.  Everyone goes crazy over the smorgasbord of heavenly treats.  We get to sample the soups in muffin tins and then dive into my favorite thing...DESSERT ISLAND!

Bread Mountain 
All Za Soups

I sampled chicken tortilla sans tortilla, Tuscan bean and chicken, stuffed pepper soup made by madre, and turkey chili.  All were delicious and I left in the biggest soup coma ever.  I made brownies and they were a big hit.  I'm always nervous when I make a "healthy" version of a classic that people will not want to eat them.  I was wrong.  They were happily devoured.

My brownies are the ones on the red and white plate

Friday night was a chill night for me.  After a gym sesh I headed to Seasons 52 and received quite the treat when they comped my salad.  Shout out to Mandy!  They said that since they frequently mess up the salad (it's not their fault, I like to customize my greens:)) and since I go every weekend, they wanted this one to be on the house.  How could I argue??

Saturday Sweat Fest was followed by a rushed food shopping trip and a marathon cookie baking session.  Since I give up sweets, alcohol, and peanut butter for Lent, I was packing in my cookies and baking and treats before Wednesday...yeah, we'll stick to that instead of saying my raging sweet tooth was back in full force.

Saturday night I spent the evening with Zach and his family.  Zach was back for a weekend (YAY) and we celebrated the best way we know how!  Dinner at Grand Lux (Zach kindly texted that they had Erin Approved Salads) and Dolly Parton's 9-5

Zach's dog all dressed up for Dolly! AKA animal print, tulle, and hot pink :)
.  I rolled with the beautiful beets and goat cheese salad.  I also sampled an Asian Nacho.  YES!  All the YES!  Imagine wontons with peanut sauce and wasabi!

Almost too pretty to eat...almost
Zach knows I'm a HUGE Dolly Parton fan and asked if I wanted to accompany him and his family.  I quickly agreed!  The show was amazing and full of Dolly songs and style.  She even made a cameo (ok it was a hologram but any Dolly showing is better than no Dolly showing amiright?) at the beginning of the show and at the end.   I just love her.

Before the show in the front row

Sunday was spent meal prepping for the week--Hello lettuce wrapped chicken tacos!  Lonchi will be a fiesta this week.

Double Crockin' It

Then, Kate and I met up for lunch at Season 52 (twice in a weekend!  **High Fives Self**)  Got the usual and then we wandered around and ran errands.  Errands are always more fun with your bestie.  When I got home I finished my errands and prepped lunch for Monday.

Monday is my favorite day because it's BACHELOR MONDAY!!  I'm Team Lauren B, Lauren H, Becca (even though I don't think they have a lot of chemistry) and Team JoJo!  I think Bachelor really stepped up their game in the girls department this season.  I like most of the girls and have a hard time picking just one to root for.

One more giant pb oats breakfast before Lent starts.

I swear there really are oats...if you look carefully you can see them :)

I hope everyone else had an awesome weekend.  I have a 4.5 day week this week and I am in desperate need of that catch up day.



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