Monday, June 3, 2013

Reasons Why Country Girls Shake It For Luke Bryan

Benjamin Franklin told us in life there are two certainties:  Death & Taxes.  Well, all do respect to one of my favorite Philadelphians I think we should say that In Life there are THREE certainties:  Death, Taxes, and Girls Will Shake It For Luke Bryan.  I have compiled a list of why country any girl will shake it for Luke Bryan.

1)  He plays piano


come lady can resist a man who plays piano ;)

2)  He plays guitar


again, musicians are adorable!

3)  He writes songs about burgeoning relationships and THAT is hard to do.  I love that part of relationships!  That part where you don't know what it is/will be come!  It's all so exciting and he captures it in a song.  My favs from this genre are:

  • Crash My Party
  • I Don't Want This Night To End
4) He writes songs about that time in your relationship where things are just not good.  The indifferent stage in the breakup.  Since I know this stage of the break up SUPER well, I connect to these songs.  Here are my favs:
  • Do I
  • Someone Else Calling You Baby
5) He calls little kids up on stage!  Loved when he did this this past Saturday.  The crowd sang "Country Boy Shake It For Me" to this adorable little boy!  Precious!

6) He is patriotic.  He called up a guy who was leaving for Parris Island in July and everyone started chanting USA, USA, USA!! My friend and I always get emotional during this part of every country concert because it is so important to publicly acknowledge all that our servicemen and women do for us every day.  This may be my favorite aspect of country music:  All of the musicians are so patriotic and grateful for all that they do for us.  

7) He cried when he thanked his fans for buying tickets.  This may be my second favorite part of country music.  The artists always thank you for "spending your hard earned money" on tickets to see them.  His humility was palpable and it was a beautiful thing!

8) He is so appreciative of winning the ACM Entertainer of the Year.  This is a fan voted on award and he deserved it!  I saw him last year with Jason Aldean and he DESERVED IT!  He stole the show, no offense Jason, but he did.

9) He shakes it during Country Girl Shake It For Me!  And honestly...who doesn't love that?!  A guy who can dance and be silly?  A WIN in my book!

10)  He is married!  I'm  a sucker for a good love story and singers who have healthy non-public marriages.  He's also a cute!

Plus I got to go with my girls!

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