Monday, June 24, 2013

Walnut Fudge and Other Life Lessons Learned at the non-MTV Jersey Shore

It's officially summer!!  Beach+Summer Solstice+Outdoor Country Concerts+More Beach!

Friday was Summer Solstice so, yes it is officially summer!  However, the Erin Calendar goes as follows:

Winter-Black Friday to Easter Saturday
Spring-Easter to Last Day of School
Summer-First Day of Summer Vacation to Last Day of Summer Vacation
Fall-First Day of School to Thanksgiving.

Okay, so this summer has been completely crazybusyawesomefabulous!!  Between school, work, and trying to hold together a semblance of a personal/social life I am exhausted!  Well this post is about life lessons learned at the Jersey Shore.  The REAL shore, not the one with Snooki.  So here goes:

1) Be confident.  Going to the beach is nerve-racking!!  Every girl has some sort of body issue and going to the beach is sometimes a nightmare because things are never perfect. I usually end up cursing myself for drinking that soda or wishing I had done more cardio but at the end of the day, I didn't so, oh well!  Once I got to the beach I started looking around and noticed that while yes, there were some genetically blessed people there, most people looked...normal?  I'm always happy to see people who look healthy and are happy with themselves.  Nerves Gone!

2) Standing in line for samples on the Boardwalk is no joke!  You wouldn't believe the number of times  an elbow got me or a mom ran over my toes with a stroller.  Not cool.  But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

3) Clothing on the Boardwalk in AC is open to interpretation.  Just trust me.  Pants are not always pants.  A top is not always a top.  Anything goes really!

4) Serindipity comes in all forms...even in walnut fudge.  If it's not obvious from my blog's title I am a HUGE believer in Serindipity.  I'm definitely one of those girls who believes that everything happens for a reason.  So here's my serindipity moment.  I love chocolate.  Scratch that am obsessed with chocolate.  I love sampling the fudge up and down the boardwalk!  As per tradition, when I leave the beach I always bring home fudge for the fam.  All day the Boardwalk was sampling chocolate walnut fudge and I was getting pretty psyched about it.  I'm a traditional girl and I don't like when things infiltrate my chocolate, but the walnut fudge was melting my steel heart.  As I'm waiting on line I was debating if I wanted to get that fudge or regular chocolate fudge.  My family is also very traditional and we don't like when people mess with our chocolate so I decided to get regular chocolate fudge.  Or so I thought.  I ended up walking towards the cash register instead of watching the candy clerk and he ended up giving me chocolate walnut fudge.  I didn't realize this until I got home and saw that there was an interloper in my fudge!!  Well, guess what?!  The whole trip home I wondered about what would happen if I had ordered the walnut fudge because it was DALISH! Well, I got home, opened the box and saw that there was in fact chocolate walnut fudge!!  Even though this sounds totally stupid and more like an Er, the guy messed up.  This is not a sign from the cosmos.  I still choose to believe that sometimes the universe knows what you really want even more than what you do.  Sometimes what you think you want, you are not meant to have.  Sometimes you are meant to enjoy the chocolate walnut fudge even more than what you're comfortable with.

So my life lessons learned from the shore are:
-be confident
-be assertive in the samples line
-wear what you want to wear
-enjoy whatever life throws at you in your very own personal box of chocolates.  Because you never know what you're going to get.  And sometimes, that is the sweetest surprise of them all.


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