Sunday, March 24, 2019

House Buying & Catching Up

Happy Monday!

I have been gone for wayyyyyy too long!

Let's have a life recap and catch up shall we?

I love when bloggers have virtual wine nights with their readers so here goes!

If we were having a glass of wine on the patio, I'd tell you that I'm starting school again.  I'm going back to school for my Principal Cert.  It will take me about a year and a half, if all goes right and I don't have to press pause.  I'd tell you that I'm excited but a little overwhelmed.  It is a lot of work and my schedule is already pretty packed.

If we were having a glass of vino, I'd tell you that Bill and I are looking at houses.  It's going well, but it's an overwhelming process that is full of nervous energy, excitement, and money.  Thank God we agree on most house things like layout, price range, styles, etc.  It's such an exciting time and I can't wait to see what will happen over these next few months.  I feel like we are on a forever loop of House Hunters.  Has anyone else seen the SNL House Hunters sketch with the Man Cave?  We watch that when we need comic relief.

If we were sipping, I'd tell you that Bill and I are headed to San Fran next month.  His work trip and my school's spring break are overlapping and we're taking full advantage!  If you think I'm not going to run through the park across from the Full House House singing Everywhere you look, everywhere is a heart is a heart, of somebody who loves you! on repeat, then you are wrong.  I am also excited for the sourdough bread.

Now we'd be half way through our glasses and I'd offer you an apple with peanut butter because I've given up sweets for Lent.  I'd also confess that I am failing at Lent completely this year.  I'd also tell you I'm going to try harder this week.  Hey, like I said, house buying is stressful and sometimes you need an ice cream break to catch up and regroup.

I'd also tell you that I'm cheering for the Tar Heels to win March Madness.  I'm also currently in last place in the bracket at my school.

I'd ask you for advice on home buying because we are novices and sometimes feel like this is the most frustrating thing in the world.  We know what we want and where we want it, but currently all the houses we like have humans living in them who are not willing to sell them.  Rude, huh?

I'd also let you know that I'm 2 weeks out from the Cherry Tree 10 miler in DC.  I'm pretty excited to run that!  I've never run in DC and I like city runs the best.

At this point, our glasses would be empty and the sun would be setting.  The stars would be coming out and it would be dipping into the high 40s.  Too cold to sit outside and enjoy our vino.  I'm giving you all a virtual hug and I hope you've enjoyed this little catch up!

If you have any house buying tips...send them our way!



Monday, October 8, 2018

5 Things I've Learned in 5 Years

Happy Back To School!!

It's crazy to me to think that this is my 5th year...FIFTH YEAR...of teaching!  Over the 5 years I've laughed a lot, learned wayyyy more than I thought I ever would, and walked with my tail between my legs.  I truly believe that I have the world's greatest job. Every day I get to walk into a room where kids are excited to see me (well...maybe not every day :) ) and get to teach little minds that have shaped and changed mine forever.  I am so grateful for them and excited for what they will do in the classroom and beyond. I used to think it was cheesy when teachers would run into me in Target, Wegmans, or more likely ice cream shops, and eagerly ask me what I was doing.  I would think, "Oh they have to ask me about my life, what I'm doing, and where I am." But now? I ask my students the same questions with just as much eagerness and excitement. I think about my past students every day and pray that they are finding their way and enjoying the ride.

Ok, sappy post aside, here are the 5 things I've learned in 5 years.  Obviously, I've learned more, but these are my top 5 things that I have learned.

Spend September teaching routines.  In my first two years I didn't do this.  It was a mess and I spent the greater part of my opening and hook reminding the kiddos to do xyz before I could even start the lesson.  Teach the kids how to get in a line, if they don't do it to the standard that you're expecting, have them start it over. If they run to your room, walk them back and have them try again.  There is no greater compliment than hearing a fellow teacher tell you that your students walked down the hallway when you weren't even there to lead them. #winning If you have a folder procedure in the morning, make sure they follow it.  Don't pick up a folder from a table or desk because that is not your job.

Teach centers

As an immediate follow up, spend September and October teaching independent centers.  This will save your life. Make sure the kids have full access (do not put these in a closet...make them obvious and at a height and weight that your kids can carry) to the goods.  I put mine on Math Island and have the necessities like snap cubes in labeled baggies ready to go. Make sure if they need markers/crayons, scissors, glue that it is out and about. Teach these centers and play them daily until the know them like they know the levels of Fortnight. Centers are great for a fly by observation.  Think about it: how cool and talented will you look when you effortlessly (while sweating through your shirt) say Little Bobby, Joey, Allie, and Sally you are going to the Number Cubes Center. Jimmy, Timmy, Lenny, and Penny, you are going to the Apple Counting Center. You're going to look like a Rock STARRRR because you spent the time to teach these basic centers.


In my not so humble opinion, I think getting to know your students and letting them know that you care and are invested in their life is the number one thing that you can do as a teacher!  In order to get to know my students, I have my students journal daily. They journal to questions that I make up. This is also our transition from reading to writing. The kids come back from their bathroom break and then journal to a question that lets me get to know them better.  Sometimes they are as easy as What Is Your Favorite Color?  Or How Many Siblings Do You Have?  Sometimes we go a little deeper like, What Does Freedom Mean To You?  during Constitution Day.  Every day I write back to the kids.  Yes, I have 12 students now so it does take me about 30 minutes a day to answer them, but that is honestly some of the best time I spend every day.  I can not only track their writing growth (punctuation, spelling, organization) but I get to know them well. I can proudly tell you a list of dog breeds, names, and ages for my entire student roster.  I can also figure out what motivates them: tv shows, movies, characters, etc. I can also tell what we still need to work on.

It's ok to cry in your room.  Like Kim K Ugly Cry. Teaching is an emotional job and I think the best teachers never lose sight of the fact that these are little humans in your room.  You take them with you when you leave at the end of the day. You think about them when you're at home. When you see their favorite candy (i.e. see above) you instantly think of them.  

You don't have to hit a grand slam to impact the game.  You only have to get on base. Sometimes a sacrifice fly will do.  Now this is by no means saying that you should phone it in. This is not an excuse to suck at your job.  No, this means that some days you will hit Babe Ruth Legendary home run lessons...and some days you won't.  I spent my first year in a constant stress ball because I thought that if I taught one lesson on punctuation that my 2nd grade resource room students would instantly know it and remember it forever.  This is not always the case...actually this is rarely the case. Sometimes you have to start small, little bunt, little hit, sac fly, to start the process. You need to get on base and know that even the best teachers don't have Pinterest worthy lessons every day.  You need to forgive yourself for having a worksheet every now and then. You don't need to stay up until 1 am (cough cough me) laminating everything just to make that Pinterest worthy lesson every day. Go to sleep...and print it on card stock :)

I hope everyone is having a great start to the school year!



Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Hey Everyone,

Long time no see!  But I'm BAAAAACK!  I took a little break because life got crazy!  I will recap later, but today I want to talk about LDFs or Long Distance Friendships.  Everyone knows that Long Distance Relationships are difficult, but rarely do we talk about the difficulties of having a Long Distance Friendship.  I've been very fortunate to have really amazing friendships; but, 4 of my extremely close friends live states away.  Today we're going to chat about how to keep those friendships strong even when you are states away.  It's my feeling that it's easier to maintain longterm LDFs, but mostly because my lasting LDFs have been longterm friendships at the time my friend moved away.  Caitlyn and I had been friends since 5th grade and she moved away when we were 20.  Amanda and I were friends since 3rd grade and we were 23 when she moved away for her boyfriend's job.  Zach and I were high schoolers when we met and he moved away when he was 18 for college.  Amy and I were 2 when we met and were 18 when she moved away for college.

Top Tips:

1.)  Realize that your relationship is going to change.

I've been really lucky to have had a close group of friends that did everything together.  There would be a rare occasion when we'd go to Target alone so I got quite the jolt when my friends moved away for various reasons.  Realize that you're not going to be the Target Bestie.  AND THAT IS OK!  It would make me sad when my friends told me they were running to Target with someone else, but then I realized that I was actually sad for me but happy for them.  They're in a new place and need a friend to help them live life.  This doesn't discredit your friendship or devalue your friendship in the least.

Amy and I at prom (10 years ago)

2.)  Make time for each other.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but damn is it hard.  Caitlyn and I have been friends since 5th grade and when she moved to UNC we actually got a lot closer.  Ironically the distance strengthened our friendship.  Whenever Cait is in NJ or PA we make sure that we see each other.  We've met for 10 minutes in our cars just to chat and give each other hugs.  Cait and I also watch Bachelor on FaceTime weekly.  Are we perfect?  No, there are times when we miss a Monday but we recap and reschedule.  Our friendship is vital to us and we make sure that we put in actual face time even though we're hours apart.

3.)  Keep traditions.

Amanda is another one of my besties who lives 3 hours away.  Amanda and I met in third grade after begrudgingly accepting a parent orchestrated playdate between our brothers.  Yup, we were the tag alongs.  We instantly bonded because she had the Ricky Martin CD and the Barbie Shopping toys.  To this day (almost 20 years later!) we chat daily.  We're constantly texting each other, tagging each other on things on various social media outlets, and keeping traditions.  Amanda and I are HUGE CHRISTMAS FREAKS!  When we were younger, we used to go see Philly's Christmas decorations and then go grab dinner.  We would eat cookies and drive around looking at lights while listening to Christmas music.  GOOD TIMES!  Now we still do that.  I drive down to visit her at Christmas time and we go visit Christmas villages and shops near her.  We still drive around and eat cookies while looking at lights.  Amanda and I love sweets and new restaurants.  Whenever we get together we try to show each other the newest and best dessert places or foodie spots.  Amanda and I also love wine and we visit wineries when we're together.  Shout out to Amanda for always greeting me at the door with a glass of wine!  (Even if we meet up at 11 am.  Mimosas are a real thing for a reason) These are our traditions and we like to keep them alive.  We also watch DCC Making The Team and Real Housewives together and then chat about these women's lives like their our besties.  We cozy up with glasses of wine, jammies (most often Christmas ones) and a sweet snack and text through everything.  Amanda and I also love to work out and we're constantly sharing healthy recipes (Hello Fitnessista!) and workout tricks and tips.  We also love a good sale and share the daily deals and steals.

Amanda, me, and our BFF Jessie James Decker in Miami
(jk we ran into her in the Atlanta airport)

4.) Little Things are the Big Things

Did you see a funny quote at Target?  Did you see two besties eating face sized ice creams together?  Tell your friend anytime that something reminds you of them.  The little things like that really carry your friendship.  One of my oldest friends, Amy, lives in New Mexico and we've been friends since age 2.  She had cool Polly Pocket sneakers and I thought she was the most awesome person ever.  So flash forward to age 20.  Amy was in for winter break and we were supposed to go to a movie.  A blizzard decided to come while we were at the theater (our parents told us not to go...but we were 20 and knew better) and it took us 20 minutes to clear the 6 inches of snow off my car.  Then, it took us 90 minutes to drive 10 miles home from the theater.  Anytime we see cars stuck in the snow, we send each other pictures and go...who would do that?  Little tongue and cheek jokes carry your friendship.

Amanda and I visiting a local MD winery

5.) VISIT!

You are not a tree, if you're not happy...MOVE!  If you miss your friend, go see them.  I'm lucky that, as a teacher, I have a more free summer schedule plus major holidays off during the year.  Zach and I visit each other yearly.  I visit NOLA every year and love that he loves his new home.  He shares the culture and lifestyle of the south with me.  He's the most amazing tour guide ever and takes me to see all of these cool new places.  We go to places where the locals go and he makes our trips amazing.  When he and Adam come up to NJ, I always bring them into the city to show them the best Philly has to offer.  We share our cultures and lives through travel.  I love going to visit my friends in their new lives.  Plus, you can meet their new friends and rest assured that they are well taken care of and loved in their new life.

Adam, Zach, and I in Louis Armstrong Park, NOLA

I hope you enjoyed this list and let me know if you have any other suggestions or ideas!  LDFs are tough and they're hard to maintain.  It would be easy to let them slip away, but with work and visits you can retain that bond that you had.  I'm not going to lie, sometimes it stings that you can't just call your BFF to go to the movies/dinner/ice cream/movie, but it makes the time you spend together so much better.  We have an unwritten rule that when we're together we don't look at our phones (unless we're taking a million pictures) and really just connect.  Remember, friendships, like any relationships ebb and flow.  Life isn't going to exactly as planned or smoothly and that's ok.  I've gotten to visit really cool places and done some really cool stuff because my friends moved.  I've gotten to see the Dean Dome where Michael Jordan got his start because Cait went to UNC.  I've gotten to go to Miami and party in DC with Amanda because she followed her heart to Maryland.  I've gotten to eat my face off in New Orleans (and visit some ghosts) because Zach moved to NOLA. I've gotten to watch some amazing chick flicks with Amy because she moved and told me about them.  Hang in there!



Monday, April 24, 2017

Springtime Snackage

Hi All,

Happy Tuesday!  How is everyone doing?  My week has been...interesting.  I have my new supercute Air Cast #tobeseensoonontherunwaysofmilanparislondonandnyc!  More on that to come!

Today we're talking about the deliciousness that is Springtime Snackage! I was inspired to put some fun ideas together by SkinnyPop, since one of my favorite snacks is popcorn!  I love it all!  Maybe it's my not so secret desire to be Olivia Pope, but I could eat that everyday/all day/any time!  One of my favorite things about popcorn is that it is so versatile.   Also, it's easy to carry around with me when I know I'm gonna be out all day!  I'm partial to a salty, sweet, crunchy person.  Here are a few of my favorite popcorn snacks!  Feel free to give them a try and let me know what you think!  Also, I'd love to hear some of your favorites!

**I use organic air popped popcorn**

1.) Popcorn and coconut oil!  I know coconut oil is super trendy right now, but trust me on this!
melt the coconut oil (as much as your taste dictates...I'm a 2 tsp coconut oil:1 bowl of popcorn kinda girl) and pour it on top of your popcorn.  To add a little extra fun, squeeze a tiny bit of lime on top!  It's like your on an island...not your couch!

2.) Popcorn and M&Ms! The classic!  This might be the best thing I learned in college!  There's no shame in my game, I ate this snack at LEAST 3 times a week.  The key is to put the M&Ms (I'm a more the merrier kinda girl when it comes to M&Ms) on right after the popcorn comes out of the microwave to ensure the M&Ms get all melty and gooey!  For an extra dash of savory, add a sprinkle of cinnamon!

3.) Popcorn and Cinnamon!  When I want something savory and fall like, I put cinnamon on top!  Easy peasy!

4.) Popcorn with Cocoa powder!  Similar to the Popcorn and Cinnamon scenario, I just sprinkle cacao or cocoa powder on top of my popcorn for a sweet, but calorie conscious snack!

5.) Popcorn and Sriracha!  So delicious!

6.)  Popcorn and Cholula!  Similar to the above popcorn, but a little spicier.

7.) The Holy Grail!  This is for one of those nights where you just know you're going full force on the snack attack bandwagon.  Like you are so far gone, and you just don't care!  Are you ready for this?  Are you sure?  Ok...

popcorn+melted peanut butter+melted chocolate chips+melted caramel+melted marshmallow!

Just go for it!  No need to measure :)

What are your favorite popcorn recipes??



Saturday, April 22, 2017

Good Morning Baltimore

....y'all know I couldn't resist that <3

How are you?? I'm bueno!  I can't believe Spring Break went by as quickly as it did.

Raise your hand if you need one more day week!


The good news is that only 8 more weeks until Summer Vacation!  

Anyway, back to the break.  This break was everything I needed.  Equal parts relaxing, hanging with friends, traveling, and chocolate.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends and I decided that we needed to get away over spring break.  Nothing crazy or far, just away.  We decided on Baltimore because it's far enough but can still be done in a day.  We found a hotel on Groupon (best.ever.) and headed down on Wednesday morning.  We didn't really have a plan (shocking for Little Miss Type A) but we knew we wanted ice cream, crab cakes, and brunch.  Not necessarily in that order, but that's what we wanted :)

First came crab cakes.  Can you really qualify it as a trip to Baltimore without crab cakes?  I don't think so.  We headed to Luna Del Sea for crab cakes.  They were $20 a cake (kinda expensive) but they were 98% crab!  Seriously, I cut into the crab cake and it fell apart because it was all crab.  The restaurant was empty...we were the only ones in it...and it kinda had a speakeasy vibe to it. The seats were black leather and the walls were a maroon red.  A little Fifty Shades meets HGTV, but you know...

Crabby cakes as big as our heads


I did my research (and we're back as a Type A-er) on the best ice cream in the city and found a place called The Charmery.  It is in the Hampdon neighborhood of Baltimore and a 3.5 mile trek from our hotel.  We came *this close* to walking there, but realized it crossed a major highway.  High fives for us participating in the ancient art of reading a map!  We drove over there and after 9 attempts to back in a spot (in my defense, it was a slanted and curved spot) we were on our way to get ice cream!  This place is really cool!  They make unique flavors, like buttered popcorn, and offer a vegan option every day.  

I rolled with 1 scoop of the Brown Butter Peanut Butter Cup and one scoop of the  Maryland Mud Pie with homemade hot fudge.  

Still drooling
Twas a great decision.  These scoops weren't wimpy little 120 calorie scoops either.  No no.  These were Erin sized ice cream scoops!  About the size of a softball.  Aly got a scoop of Green Apple Tequila ice cream.  I sampled it and it was delicious!  You could taste the tequila, but it wasn't overpowering.  

Yes the spoons change colors

After ice cream heaven, we went back to the hotel to get ready to go out.  We took a power nap and watched Friends, before heading out.  The hotel had really good lighting aka Silly Photo Shoot happened.

We don't do normal photos

Baltimore gets an A++++ for food, but a C- for Nightlife.  We realize it was a Wednesday, but there were no people out! I'm talking ZERO!  We went to happy hour and only passed 4 people on our 8 block stroll!  FOUR PEOPLE between 5-6 pm?  We chalked it up to being from NJ and the high concentration of people...but really?  There were 11 people at the first place we walked into.  Mind you, the Orioles game was starting in 5 minutes.  In NJ or Philly, places are packed and they have drink specials that go along with the games.  NADA.  We walked over to a place like Xfinity Live and guess what?  IT wasn't even open!  It's only open Thurs-Sunday!  WHAT?  We walked over to a place behind Camden Yards called Pickles Pub.  We were pleasantly surprised to find life.  We started watching the baseball game, but it was quickly changed to ALL HOCKEY!  All 7 TVs were now playing the same hockey game.  BUZZKILL.  The Orioles were in Cincy, but really?  Every TV has to be on hockey?  

The redeeming factor?  

Crabby Fries the MD way

We're still true to our Philly roots, but these crabby fries were face rocking!  Picture fries, covered in crab dip, covered in cheese, covered in Old Bay seasoning.  Now add a side of ranch dressing for dipping.  Plus, a few hidden pickles!  What?  DELISH!  

After this masterpiece of deliciousness, we headed back to the hotel.  We had plans to go karaokeing, but alas, we fell asleep.  

When we woke up the next morning, we knew what we wanted...BRUNCH!

We headed out to Miss Shirley's.  It was about a 20 minute wait on a Thursday at 11 am.  I decided to continue eating like a Frat Boy and ordered Buckwheat banana chocolate chip pancakes and a strawberry lemonade.

As good as they look...I ate 3.5 pancakes
Puply perfection
Aly got the strawberry pancakes.  We high fives over out good decision making skills.

After the food coma that was brunch, we headed to the aquarium to see the fishies.  

We saw a really cool shark that looks like bathroom tile.  He just hangs around until other fish try to eat his "coral" camouflage and then he eats them up.  

We came across a fish with RBF!  

RBF fish

We then came across the tropical rainforest.  I saw this sign...
Cacao...Food of the Gods
aka Chocolate gives you super powers

After the aquarium, we headed home.  It was a great trip and definitely what we needed.  

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend and enjoying what is left of Spring Break 2017!




Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017

Happy Monday!!!

It's oxymoron day over here...or is it?  It's Spring Break Central, so I guess that qualifies as a Happy Monday!  Also, waking up at 10:45, eating some Gertrude Hawk Baseball Smidgens, and catching up on Designated Survivor (so.GOOD.) and then running to the gym to teach HIIT and do some upper body and Zumba does actually qualify as a Happy Monday!

How was everyone's Easter?

Insert caption about sibling Easter pics

This was our second Easter in NJ.  We used to go to PA to visit my Grammy for Easter, but after she died, we had one Easter in NJ.  After that, Dylan went to JMU and we went to visit him in VA.  Easter dinner was often had in Buffalo Wild Wings or Texas Roadhouse!   For our second NJ Easter, we headed to Cafe Madison for dinner.  So so so yummy!  We all had lobster bisque for an appetizer.  I had salmon with pureed tomatoes and fennel.  For dessert I had a flourless chocolate cake and half of Deb's cheesecake.  Can you tell I missed dessert for 40 days?

Key Lime Martini for me, grapefruit martini for Deb, coke for dad, and Mexican martini for Dylan
Cheesecake...I only ate 1/2 :)

 I had a friend filled weekend and that is exactly how I like it.  FriYAY started out earrrrrly.  I taught Spin from 5:30-6:15 am then I stayed to do some upper body work.  I came home, showered, ate the best breakfast ever and then headed to tutor.  The library was closed for Good Friday (bad Catholic over here didn't even think it would be closed) so I took my student to Starbucks where we sipped apple juices and crushed fractions.  After that I got my mani and then Deb and I headed to King of Prussia Mall for some Lilly Pulitzer and sneaker needs.

2 traffic filled hours later, we arrived.  After we got our Lilly and sneaker spoils, we headed to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.  They have a SANGRIA FLIGHT!  THIS IS NOT A DRILL!  IT'S REAL LIFE!

3 oz each of Beehive Sangria, Red-Berry Sangria, and Orchard Sangria

Can we just make this a world wide thing?  Like the kale or quinoa movement of 2017?

After a long day of shopping (I think I'm getting old because I needed a nap after that mall trip), I came home and fell asleep.  Like at 8:30.  

Saturday was spent gymming it up.  Deb took my spin class!!  Then we did weights and Pilates.  I went food shopping and then got ready for dinner.  The best dinner.  OF.ALL.SUSHI.TIME.

Cait and I went to Oishii Poke in Philly for dinner.  A few weeks ago, Dylan went to this place for lunch.  When he got home he was raving about it and I snuck a sample.  It rocked my face off.  

This place is like a Pancheros but for sushi.  Everything is very fresh and clean.  You can get a sushi salad bowl, sushi burrito (basically uncut sushi) or a sushi bowl.  I opted for the bowl.  I got brown rice, raw salmon, boiled shrimp, lettuce, seaweed salad, spicy aioli, broccoli, cucumber, corn, mango, carrots, seaweed salad, crab salad, tobiko, and sesame seeds.  It was amazing!  The portions are generous, but not overwhelming.  It was also $9!  You can't get a sushi roll for $9!  I capped it off with a bottle of Watermelon Bai.  Insanely good!

Demolished in 3 minutes!

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed your egg hunts, egg rolls, egg dyeing, and chocolate!  This Spring Break is shaping up to be a good one and it's only Monday!



Thursday, December 22, 2016

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

...but the Netflix is so delightful.  So since there's no place to go, let us view, let us view, let us view!

How is everyone's pre-holiday week going?!

If you answered, "Awesome!" or "I'm all finished my shopping!"  My answer to you is...


I'm over here like...


I have a few last minute gifts to pick up, I have to bake brownies and cookies, get a Christmas outfit...Okay, pass the chocolate martini now!

Well, not only has the week been crazy schedule-wise, but it's been crazy weather-wise!  This past weekend was our first snow *yay* and it was about 17 degrees!  

No no no!  I'm not built to withstand 17 degrees!  So when the weather gets this bad, I only have one solution:  

Netflix, baby! I love staying in and watching Netflix when it gets to be like...oh -13532 degrees out!Those days are made for snuggling up on the couch, hot cocoa in hand, and sweatpants.Netflix has been my go to since college for snowy day activities. I've been inspired by Luma, the creators of a surround wifi network for you home, to make up my ideal Winter Netflix Viewing Party. So...gather up your girls, make a cup of hot cocoa (recipe below) and chill!  Or if you are in one of those adorable things we call a loving and committed relationship (what are those? lol)  enjoy with your love!

1. So I am craving a Snow Day so I can watch Viola Davis slay as Annalise Keating!  
2. Friends the old go to!  Perfect show for any occasion.  I'm pretty sure I've seen each episode about 6,5363 times and it never gets old!
3. Olivia Pope=Girl Crush 
4. I binge watched How I Met Your Mother  in 1 month during college!  That might be one of my most exciting accomplishments in life
5. The most underrated ABCFamily Christmas movie!  12 Dates of Christmas has Zach Morris and Jamie Pallamino!  What more could you want in life?  Also, can we get on Freeform to bring back the original Christmas movies?!  Every year I looked forward to them!  
6. Just Friends!  You need to see this movie.  It's hilarious and makes me laugh every time! Zach and I actually became friends because one of us quoted this movie to the other and we were like did we just become best friends?  So. So. So. Good!  A perfect holiday, laughs, and Christmas!  What else do you want in life?  

Okay, so here's my favorite hot cocoa recipe!

1 C Wegman's Vanilla Almond Milk
5 TBSP (or more to taste) Double Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa from Williams Sonoma (the best!  It doesn't taste fake like those instant packets) 
1 TBPS Wegman's organic creamy peanut butter

Put all ingredients into your Vitamix and press the soup button.  Once it's done pour it into your favorite Christmas mug and chill!  I always add pb (for protein purposes...or because it's my favorite food) after I had it at brunch when I went to  Max Brenner last year.  Amazing!  Life changing!  

I will leave you with this cute little gif that is 100% me!  Dude, I want to watch the show.  I need to focus when I watch Breaking Bad!  


Enjoy your snowy weather!  

Love, love, love,