Saturday, April 22, 2017

Good Morning Baltimore

....y'all know I couldn't resist that <3

How are you?? I'm bueno!  I can't believe Spring Break went by as quickly as it did.

Raise your hand if you need one more day week!


The good news is that only 8 more weeks until Summer Vacation!  

Anyway, back to the break.  This break was everything I needed.  Equal parts relaxing, hanging with friends, traveling, and chocolate.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends and I decided that we needed to get away over spring break.  Nothing crazy or far, just away.  We decided on Baltimore because it's far enough but can still be done in a day.  We found a hotel on Groupon (best.ever.) and headed down on Wednesday morning.  We didn't really have a plan (shocking for Little Miss Type A) but we knew we wanted ice cream, crab cakes, and brunch.  Not necessarily in that order, but that's what we wanted :)

First came crab cakes.  Can you really qualify it as a trip to Baltimore without crab cakes?  I don't think so.  We headed to Luna Del Sea for crab cakes.  They were $20 a cake (kinda expensive) but they were 98% crab!  Seriously, I cut into the crab cake and it fell apart because it was all crab.  The restaurant was empty...we were the only ones in it...and it kinda had a speakeasy vibe to it. The seats were black leather and the walls were a maroon red.  A little Fifty Shades meets HGTV, but you know...

Crabby cakes as big as our heads


I did my research (and we're back as a Type A-er) on the best ice cream in the city and found a place called The Charmery.  It is in the Hampdon neighborhood of Baltimore and a 3.5 mile trek from our hotel.  We came *this close* to walking there, but realized it crossed a major highway.  High fives for us participating in the ancient art of reading a map!  We drove over there and after 9 attempts to back in a spot (in my defense, it was a slanted and curved spot) we were on our way to get ice cream!  This place is really cool!  They make unique flavors, like buttered popcorn, and offer a vegan option every day.  

I rolled with 1 scoop of the Brown Butter Peanut Butter Cup and one scoop of the  Maryland Mud Pie with homemade hot fudge.  

Still drooling
Twas a great decision.  These scoops weren't wimpy little 120 calorie scoops either.  No no.  These were Erin sized ice cream scoops!  About the size of a softball.  Aly got a scoop of Green Apple Tequila ice cream.  I sampled it and it was delicious!  You could taste the tequila, but it wasn't overpowering.  

Yes the spoons change colors

After ice cream heaven, we went back to the hotel to get ready to go out.  We took a power nap and watched Friends, before heading out.  The hotel had really good lighting aka Silly Photo Shoot happened.

We don't do normal photos

Baltimore gets an A++++ for food, but a C- for Nightlife.  We realize it was a Wednesday, but there were no people out! I'm talking ZERO!  We went to happy hour and only passed 4 people on our 8 block stroll!  FOUR PEOPLE between 5-6 pm?  We chalked it up to being from NJ and the high concentration of people...but really?  There were 11 people at the first place we walked into.  Mind you, the Orioles game was starting in 5 minutes.  In NJ or Philly, places are packed and they have drink specials that go along with the games.  NADA.  We walked over to a place like Xfinity Live and guess what?  IT wasn't even open!  It's only open Thurs-Sunday!  WHAT?  We walked over to a place behind Camden Yards called Pickles Pub.  We were pleasantly surprised to find life.  We started watching the baseball game, but it was quickly changed to ALL HOCKEY!  All 7 TVs were now playing the same hockey game.  BUZZKILL.  The Orioles were in Cincy, but really?  Every TV has to be on hockey?  

The redeeming factor?  

Crabby Fries the MD way

We're still true to our Philly roots, but these crabby fries were face rocking!  Picture fries, covered in crab dip, covered in cheese, covered in Old Bay seasoning.  Now add a side of ranch dressing for dipping.  Plus, a few hidden pickles!  What?  DELISH!  

After this masterpiece of deliciousness, we headed back to the hotel.  We had plans to go karaokeing, but alas, we fell asleep.  

When we woke up the next morning, we knew what we wanted...BRUNCH!

We headed out to Miss Shirley's.  It was about a 20 minute wait on a Thursday at 11 am.  I decided to continue eating like a Frat Boy and ordered Buckwheat banana chocolate chip pancakes and a strawberry lemonade.

As good as they look...I ate 3.5 pancakes
Puply perfection
Aly got the strawberry pancakes.  We high fives over out good decision making skills.

After the food coma that was brunch, we headed to the aquarium to see the fishies.  

We saw a really cool shark that looks like bathroom tile.  He just hangs around until other fish try to eat his "coral" camouflage and then he eats them up.  

We came across a fish with RBF!  

RBF fish

We then came across the tropical rainforest.  I saw this sign...
Cacao...Food of the Gods
aka Chocolate gives you super powers

After the aquarium, we headed home.  It was a great trip and definitely what we needed.  

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend and enjoying what is left of Spring Break 2017!




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