Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017

Happy Monday!!!

It's oxymoron day over here...or is it?  It's Spring Break Central, so I guess that qualifies as a Happy Monday!  Also, waking up at 10:45, eating some Gertrude Hawk Baseball Smidgens, and catching up on Designated Survivor (so.GOOD.) and then running to the gym to teach HIIT and do some upper body and Zumba does actually qualify as a Happy Monday!

How was everyone's Easter?

Insert caption about sibling Easter pics

This was our second Easter in NJ.  We used to go to PA to visit my Grammy for Easter, but after she died, we had one Easter in NJ.  After that, Dylan went to JMU and we went to visit him in VA.  Easter dinner was often had in Buffalo Wild Wings or Texas Roadhouse!   For our second NJ Easter, we headed to Cafe Madison for dinner.  So so so yummy!  We all had lobster bisque for an appetizer.  I had salmon with pureed tomatoes and fennel.  For dessert I had a flourless chocolate cake and half of Deb's cheesecake.  Can you tell I missed dessert for 40 days?

Key Lime Martini for me, grapefruit martini for Deb, coke for dad, and Mexican martini for Dylan
Cheesecake...I only ate 1/2 :)

 I had a friend filled weekend and that is exactly how I like it.  FriYAY started out earrrrrly.  I taught Spin from 5:30-6:15 am then I stayed to do some upper body work.  I came home, showered, ate the best breakfast ever and then headed to tutor.  The library was closed for Good Friday (bad Catholic over here didn't even think it would be closed) so I took my student to Starbucks where we sipped apple juices and crushed fractions.  After that I got my mani and then Deb and I headed to King of Prussia Mall for some Lilly Pulitzer and sneaker needs.

2 traffic filled hours later, we arrived.  After we got our Lilly and sneaker spoils, we headed to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.  They have a SANGRIA FLIGHT!  THIS IS NOT A DRILL!  IT'S REAL LIFE!

3 oz each of Beehive Sangria, Red-Berry Sangria, and Orchard Sangria

Can we just make this a world wide thing?  Like the kale or quinoa movement of 2017?

After a long day of shopping (I think I'm getting old because I needed a nap after that mall trip), I came home and fell asleep.  Like at 8:30.  

Saturday was spent gymming it up.  Deb took my spin class!!  Then we did weights and Pilates.  I went food shopping and then got ready for dinner.  The best dinner.  OF.ALL.SUSHI.TIME.

Cait and I went to Oishii Poke in Philly for dinner.  A few weeks ago, Dylan went to this place for lunch.  When he got home he was raving about it and I snuck a sample.  It rocked my face off.  

This place is like a Pancheros but for sushi.  Everything is very fresh and clean.  You can get a sushi salad bowl, sushi burrito (basically uncut sushi) or a sushi bowl.  I opted for the bowl.  I got brown rice, raw salmon, boiled shrimp, lettuce, seaweed salad, spicy aioli, broccoli, cucumber, corn, mango, carrots, seaweed salad, crab salad, tobiko, and sesame seeds.  It was amazing!  The portions are generous, but not overwhelming.  It was also $9!  You can't get a sushi roll for $9!  I capped it off with a bottle of Watermelon Bai.  Insanely good!

Demolished in 3 minutes!

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed your egg hunts, egg rolls, egg dyeing, and chocolate!  This Spring Break is shaping up to be a good one and it's only Monday!



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