Monday, September 1, 2014

The Best Salad You Will Ever Eat and Labor Day Festivities

Happy Labor Day!

Let's take a moment to thank our unions for establishing labor codes so we all can work in healthy, happy workplaces.

My Labor Day has been busy busy busy!  Tomorrow is my first day of school as a teacher (EEK--enter mini-freak out here) and I have been cutting out all of my behavior charts, signs, and parking lots.  I'll explain later (when the pictures are up).  I also packed my lunch for the week and got all of my clothes ready for tomorrow.  Anal much?  Absolutely!

I'm going to try my best to get into a good groove with work and the gym.  My plan is to pack my stuff and just leave it in the car and run there after work.

This weekend we had a family BBQ.  Deb made the best salad ever!  I'm going to share the recipe with you because I'm just that nice it's just that good.  It's a pear salad and it's amazing!

Here is the recipe::

-1 pear sliced up
-As many pine nuts as you want
-Greens (I used spinach and arugula)
-Sprinkling of goat cheese


equal parts honey, EVOO, and pear infused vinegar

Then, I chop up all the salad ingredients and munch until my little heart is content.

My lunch tomorrow is going to be superduper healthy because:


Smoothie bowl with a mixture of:
-frozen strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries
-1 banana
-almond milk

And garnished with oats and cinnamon

Lunch will star::

-Pear Salad with corn (we had corn on the cob with our last summer BBQ)
-apple and almond butter

Snacks will feature:

Veggies and hummus-am snack
Baked Breakfast Cookie-pre gym snack

To all of my Teacher Friends I hope you have a fabulous first day of school!



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